Location of Sighting: Chislehurst
Date of Sighting: 1991
Time: Early evening
Witness Name: David Hughes-Narborough

Witness Statement: I went outside to my garage to get a tool, and notiiced something moving in the corner of my eye which at first I thought could be a bat. So I turned to have a look, I saw a large oval shaped object over Scadbury Park area, the top half orange and lower section blue. There was a row of circular windows across the middle and a red pulsating light underneath. It was translucent and flew like an insect, my mind was saying that it was an insect as I had never seen anything that large move in such a way.

It suddenly darted in a straight line from right to left (Sidcup area) at an incredible speed, around a mile in distance and came to a sudden stop. It gradually became brighter and then solid as I could no longer see through it, and as it continued to get brighter it reached a point where it flashed brilliantly and disappeared entirely.


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Updated: December 11, 2012 — 7:53 pm


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  1. Inter-dimensional visitors. Anyone got a better explanation?

  2. More than likely, you saw T.Wood mooning about whilst pretending to be an inter-dimensional visitor, when in fact he is really an escaped lunatic prison inmate. (primate?)

    Over to you, T. Wood and your most likely explanation or failing that stop taking the “P**S”. Many of these sightings are genuine, just because people don’t know what they saw doesn’t mean they genuinely believe in little goggly eyed “Inter-dimensional visitors”. Get a grip!

  3. This is a curious sighting, and a curious description. I wonder why nobody else saw it?

    T. Wood – rather than ridicule you, a serious question: other than the likes of Dr Who, what evidence is there that inter-dimensional travel (which is a paradox in itself) is possible? Clearly, you believe it is, yes?

    Once you’ve answered that, try this: if you are happy to believe that inter-dimensional travel is possible, and that aliens frequently visit us or whatever, why are you so adamant that we – earthlings – can’t build advanced flying craft? Why is it that ‘they’ are considered so much more advanced than us? If they are, then of what interest are we to them?

    Furthermore, what – in the above very brief description of a sighting – points to inter-dimensional travel as opposed to, say, an alien visitation from another planet?

  4. T.Wood asked if anyone had a better explanation. So far we have`nt got one. Why Martin do you have to add`goggly eyed visitors’? Steve, you ask for evidence of inter-dimensional travel, so where, do you think they go when they just disappear?

  5. T.Wood with yet another identical comment……

  6. Steve, don’t even try!!! 🙂 Steve, have you seen anything strange that you may have recorded on here? With this sighting, my reckoning is that no-one else saw it as the majority of us just don’t look up and don’t care! Plus if it’s moving at phenomenal speed I guess he was just lucky to see it himself. As for my sighting a couple of years ago, I would have thought that half of Bury St Edmunds saw them.

  7. Steve, the evidence of inter-dimensional travel is anecdotal and circumstantial, consisting of witness accounts by people who have experienced it. I do not merely ‘believe’ it is possible, I KNOW it is, as i have experienced it myself and have studied accounts by others that explain it. There is a plethora of information on this and related subjects, should you wish to further your understanding. Inter-dimensional, or Astral, travel is a Transcendental experience, it has been practiced by Shaman and Yogis for centuries. We had a ‘psychic spy’ working for British Intelligence during WW@, a personal assistant to Winston Churchill, by the name of Wellesley Tudor Pole, who could achieve this, and I suggest you read his memoirs. The US military intelligence (DIA) have also experimented with Astral Travel, or as they term it, ‘Remote Viewing, as is described by ex-soldier David Morehouse in his book ‘Psychic Warrior’, which I suggest you read. You may also find Courtney Brown’s book ‘Cosmic Voyage’ of interest. There is also an institution in Virginia, USA, dedicated to the study and practice of a particular technique to achieve out-of-body travel, called the Monroe Institute, founded by Robert Monroe, whose books I also recommend. You may also gain some insight from studying the readings of Edgar Cayce that describe how such things are possible.

    Of what interest are we to them? We are all related. All are One. One God, one universe. Each seemingly separate and individual part affects the whole. Study Metaphysics, Transcendental Meditation, Hinduism, Mystic Christianity, Alchemy, and all the Esoteric/Occult writings and teachings that you can find, and you may learn more about it.

  8. P.S.

    It may be that they ARE visiting from another planet, but are using inter-dimensional travel in order to do so. They may be doing this via a blend of spiritual techniques/knowledge/ability AND technology? Time and Space do not exist in the 4th Dimension, that would explain how they can travel such vast distances from other far off Galaxies. It may be that life that exists on such planets exists in a higher dimension to begin with, as is the case with Venus in our own Solar System (see; White Eagle, the RA chanelings, and ‘A Dweller On Two Planets’ for further elaboration).

  9. So Martin, if my explanations are “lunacy”, do you have a better explanation? if so, what is it?

  10. Just wanted to echo what Steve has said above – couldnt really have put it any better myself! nice one Steve 🙂

  11. T.Wood, your comments are beyond lunacy and just make this site look stupid. They have a certain comical appeal, but joking aside you need help.

  12. I don’t have a better explanation, but as you say “the evidence of inter-dimensional travel is anecdotal and circumstantial”. Unless you can demonstrate inter-dimensional travel works and exists, anecdotal or circumstantial evidence is neither here nor there proof that it exists. Purely personal conjecture. When you refer to remote viewing, it has been employed in various arenas with what could be called coincidental results. The work involved had to have back up physical intervention & investigation to back it up. Don’t get wrapped up in all you read and what you believe. I do partly understand theories regarding other dimensions, they may exist but no mortal on this planet has proof that they occur. They are all just theories which currently are impossible to prove.

  13. Oh even in the modern world, what you’re saying may imply that you are a lunatic or dare say it heresy. Have I got a better explanation, nope! Maybe the report has a sane explanation or maybe it’s just simply a made up story.
    I personally have seen things that I simply cannot explain. If I tried I would simply be guessing.

  14. Alan/ re your post above/ Dec 13.
    The answer to the question ” where do they go when they just dissaper” may be they haven’t dissapered, maybe they have been traveling so fast they have just gone out of view, if that was the case they would seem to dissaper. Especially if they were travelling toward space. This current sighting where it did just dissaper, maybe it was one of ours and it was testing out its clocking applicabilities, or stealth mode, Now before you say this is cranky, remember Concord was developed 40 years ago, now i very much suspect that in the past 40 years, untold and unimaginable craft have been developed .

  15. Yes Martin, inter-dimensional or astral travel is not proven yet by science, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible, and science may one day catch up. On my part it is not conjecture, as I have experiential evidence. I believe that one day such things will be the norm for everyone, as will telepathy, and therefore there is no reason to doubt that more advanced beings may have already developed such abilities.

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