Chrome Sphere Flying Next To C172 Plane – Fife, Near Scotlandwell, Scotland – July 2014

Location Of Sighting :
Near Scotlandwell, Fife
Date Of Sighting :
July 2014
Witness Name:
Steve Boston
Witness Statement
I saw a very strange flying object a few years ago while at the gliding club near Scotlandwell. A summers day, July (I think) 2014, almost cloudless sky and about 11:30 AM. (My last year before retiring!).
I was in one of the glider launching winches and looked up, amazed to see a c172 flying past at about 1100 feet and flying East away from us slowly – only 80 knots or so. But next to it and keeping perfect formation was what looked like a ‘chrome’ sphere. It looked solid and as reflective a brand new ball bearing. You would almost think it was connected by an invisible rod so perfect was the station keeping. Impossible of course but there it was. I didn’t have my phone on, so no photos, and after watching it for 20 seconds I got a radio call for another launch so my attention had to be 100% on that. After that (about 40 seconds until launch finished, cable pulled in and machine stopped) it was too far away to see properly.
The aircraft must have arrived from my 5 o’ clock position so those at the launch point should have seen it first. But with no glider actually ready and with everyone else flying over to the north I don’t exepct they were looking that way and I would only look all the way around if preparing to launch or if a passing aircraft called me. So nobody seems to have seen it approach the area.
To make sure it wasn’t a reflection (it didn’t look like one anyway) I moved about and opened a door seeing it ‘out in the open’. It certainly looked like it was in perfect formation. The Cessna flew smoothly – no turbulence – and didn’t change course or show signs of knowing about the sphere (but it must have been visible had the pilot looked beyond their left wingtip). In that ~20 seconds my viewpoint changed from the Cessna pilot’s 8 o’ clock position round to near to his/her 6 o’ clock. That showed me it was a sphere and not – say an oval shape. I waited during the rest of the day to see if anyone else mentioned seeing it but no.
I made a rough sketch of what I saw and a map showing where it happened.
Updated: May 3, 2020 — 10:45 am

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