Cigar Shaped Craft-Himalayas-About 1950

Location Of Sighting :
Himalayas – Sunderland Library
Date Of Sighting :
About 1950
Witness Name:
Thomas Nash
Witness Statement
In a non-fiction book on mountain climbing in the Himalayas, I came across a pen and ink sketch showing a four-man party with two pack-ponies trekking along a scrubby mountain ridge. Above and a 100 yards to the right of the men, was a hovering cigar sharp (ufo) with three portholes.Figures were seen observing them from the portholes with a look of compassion. The ufo was pointed at both ends with no signs of propulsion,It was roughly a bit longer than the trekking party. The ufo was seen three days later.
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  1. What’s the title of said book? I love to read old climbing/mountaineering books and also study old UFO sightings, so this sounds like a must read to me.

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