Cigar Shaped Objects-Daylight Sighting-Pymouth-Week Ending 30/06/17

Location of Sighting: Pymouth
Date of Sighting: Week Ending 30/06/17
Time: Afternoon
Witness Name: Shaun Brocklesby

Witness Statement: I saw two unusual UAPs on two separate days during the week ending 30/06/17.

The first UAP witnessed was heading north. It was fair sized cigar shaped object, white with a black middle. It made no sound whatsoever and there was no aviation fumes or gases coming from the back end. The object moved strangely as it made its way across the sky.

The second sighting witnessed was a day later. A UAP exactly the same as the first witnessed, a fair sized cigar shaped object. This one was heading east, again no sound
and no aviation fumes or gases coming from the back. This UAP also moved strangely.

They did not look like planes, I can tell what a plane looks like. The two UAPs seen had something else about them. They both moved at a good speed, albeit with a slight shudder, the strange movement.

I am sure there is a rational explanation to what I witnessed, at first I thought terrestrial drones, but they would have to have been very large if so. As stated, the objects were cigar shaped and a fair size and interesting to look at.


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Updated: July 11, 2017 — 8:33 am

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  1. What time in the afternoon, where were you in Plymouth and if you believe they were UFOs why did it take you 11 days to report it?

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