Claremont Walk, Bath-5th April 2009

Location of Sighting: Claremont Walk, Bath
Date of Sighting: 5th April 2009
Time: 10.10pm
Witness: Nan Jenkins

Witness Statement: Sitting outside the front of my house, which is right at the top of the hill and gives me an unbroken view of Bath to the south, I saw a large ball of orange/gold solidly lit light flying about 2000ft high from south to north.It didn’t resemble anything I have ever seen before and was nothing like a chinese lantern (yes, I’ve watched all the lantern footage.) It also was not flying in a straight line as you would expect an aeroplane to, but did not follow the flight pattern of a helicopter either (of which many do fly over Bath.) It would curve its flight path, then straighten, then curve again in a very measured way, not random at all and at a completely constant speed. Still following its south to north route, as it came nearer I could make out its shape (I am ridiculously long sighted!). It was a triangle with a curved bottom, like an old type spinning top upside down. There was a halo of spinning very small red lights at the top of the triangle. The “body” of it was solid very bright orange light. It made NO noise at all. As it went out of sight flying over my house, I called my children and we went into the back garden where we saw it still flying north. Then it stopped completely for about 10 seconds, after that it seemed to get smaller and then suddenly vanished. It was a very clear night and from this high up we can see planes at night flying for miles into the distance. This thing just vanished!
Talking about it to a friend the next day, she told me that she had also seen, from the front of her house (top of Cranwells Park, north/west Bath) a large orange ball of light flying from south to north so low that she could only see it through trees , again making no sound, but her time of sighting was at 9.15 ish, an hour earlier than mine!
Did anyone else see any of these flying balls of orange light on that night aswell? Be very interested in swapping Bath UFO sightings and stories!
Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. Saw these lights again last night at exactly 10:10pm as we were walkin along the london rd. It caught my eye and we stopped and watch it for about 20mins trying to work out what it was. We couldn’t explain it. Cone shaped orange light with other red lights on it. Moving up, down, and side to side randomly. Not a helicopter! Then suddenly vanished. No noise what so ever. My g/f got paranoid that what ever it was vanished because it saw us watching it and wouldn’t sleep with the window open that night. Haha. Seriously though, i cant explain what it was and therefor goes down in my book as an unidentified flying object. Is e.t watching us?

  2. We saw a very bright orange solid ball of light on Sunday 19th April 2009 at about 10.30ish pm. We live at Odd Down and lots of planes fly over us going to Bristol airport, but this was definately not a plane. It was about 2000ft up, completely quiet, no noise at all. It went from east to west quite quickly and stopped dead for about 2 or 3 seconds then faded to a dull star and slowly moved to the south and disappeared. We were completely baffled by what it could be, so who knows, it could be a ufo!!

  3. Thanks ,Paul & Julie for your comment .

    This has also been logged as a seperate sighting report on


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