Colchester, Essex-26th September 2013

Location of Sighting: Colchester, Essex, England
Date of Sighting: 26/09/2013
Time:2 3:15
Witness Name: N Matthews

Witness Statement:While in my back garden viewing the night sky I have for the third time over the last year observed on object travelling at speed in a north, north-east direction on a straight trajectory. It was totally unlit and appeared as a dark shadow against the night sky.

Unlike previous sightings I have reported here (last August, September) there were no clouds to reference its altitude. It looked to be the same as previous sightings although with less illumination and travelling faster than a low flying military jet. I cannot confirm its exact shape. I would estimate it was again travelling above the sound barrier although there was, as during previous observations, no propulsion sound, engine illumination or sonic boom!??? This is just getting ridiculous!


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Updated: September 28, 2013 — 7:55 pm


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  1. this is very similar to my sighting in Nottingham on Aug 2nd this year (reported here on this site). i describe a fairly low flying unlit object with something (the mad ramble… it looked like it had a white bird or plane painted on its ‘belly’).
    Hope this helps. Good luck.

  2. If there where no lights or beacons at all on it then the chances of it being an aircraft are slim as any normal aircraft has to be lit by law at night,unless there are exeptions for military spy aircraft.i don,t know,maybe you could try and capture this on film somehow,difficult at night i know but worth a try.This sighting is important seeing as you,ve seen it many times before.

  3. this sounds very similar to what i have seen several times and reported here tonight. it moves VERY fast across the sky and seems to be at a very high altitude. almost like a shadow moving across the night sky except a few faint pinpricks of light

  4. Hi Drew. Did the object you describe have any lights or other illumination? could the image of the bird have been light reflecting off its surface?

  5. R.Adam

    On the last occasion I had just exited my back door, closed it behind me and looked up at the night sky lined by the guttering on our roof. Within seconds the object I observed, appeared from over the house and flew on in a northerly direction. As described it moved incredibly fast. The point is, if I had not been looking at that point in the sky, at that precise moment, I wouldn’t have seen it! Had I seen it in my peripheral vision I may have dismissed it altogether.
    To catch this on camera would require a permanent installation, in place for months at a time, unless these appearances are more frequent. The camera would need to react to small changes in light/be sensitive to sudden movement. there are such cameras and software out there, often used to digitally capture lightning. The phenomena I’m seeing doesn’t emit any light so I’m not sure this would be of any use. If you have any cost effective simple solutions, I would be most interested.

  6. Hi John. What you describe sounds very similar! Have you posted your report yet? I am interested to read it! what’s your location; where did your sighting occur?

  7. A dark shadow against the night sky! Flying at faster than a military jet! Surely this is a contradiction? How do you see it – you can’t! Are you sure, are you really sure your not seeing a bat or a cloud, they do move quickly?

  8. Anon, Norfolk Suffolk border

    Hi, just wondering if you’ve read the sighting i posted on the 4th. Oct. Again, it sounds similar to what i witnessed on the same night, although what i saw happened a couple of hours before your sighting. I’ve since been out with a compass, and i reckon that as it passed over to my left, it was heading south to north. Had it passed overhead, it would have covered the pole star as it went. No idea of size or height. It was either the something the size of a large aircraft flying very low, or something massive flying very high and very fast. I find your account interesting, though i’m still hoping to find someone who saw this at about the same time as i did, and due north of where i live; i mean, it was pretty unmissable.

  9. Missable by everyone except you, it would seem.

  10. Hi Reality

    There is no contradiction in my statement. I saw an object silhouetted against the night sky, which of course, has plenty of ambient light from the moon etc. When an object appears from over the rooftop of your house at about the size of your outstretched fist, you can be pretty sure its not a bat. We do get bats around here but they are really rather small and generally fly erratically. We also get seagulls that can on occasion be seen flying at night, though much slower than the object I have been observing. Clouds also don’t move that fast, at least not with normal weather conditions. Hey, we even get owls that hunt on the railway behind us. They fly silently and fast and are active at night but I’m familiar with these too. Its amazing what you can distinguish against the night sky. The only contradiction I can see is with your analysis. You say I could not have seen anything then ask if I may have seen a bat or cloud?????

  11. Hi Gary

    It would seem others are also seeing objects that fit my description. Check out Anon’s!

  12. Anon, Norfolk Suffolk border

    Hello N, just getting back to you to answer some of the questions you asked, but i reckon this could be the last time i’ll use this website, due to a lot of the sarky comments about peoples sightings. Anyway, the object i saw was traveling south to north. I have a friend who still has contacts in the RAF but i can’t bring myself to tell him what i saw: it was difficult enough putting it on this website, hence the anon thing. I noticed you say you have railway lines near you, which we also have about 300yds to the east of us. I know i’m clutching at straws here, but i’ve puzzled and puzzled over this thing, and i just can’t work it out. I started thinking maybe it was some phemomenon caused by a satellite, and that what you saw, was the same thing as i did a couple of hours later, after it had done a circuit of the Earth. I know this is a crazy theory, but i don’t believe it was a ufo, or some secret aircraft that nobody knows about and only flies at night,(now that is crazy) so i’m trying to work it out from things i know, and if someone could even prove to me that it was just a trick of the mind, i’m willing to accept that; but it was one hell of a trick: seeing a large black solid object move accross a black sky.
    I guess i’ll just keep taking the dog out every night, hoping to see it again, but ultimately knowing that what i saw for about 3 or 4 seconds out of my 50 odd years on this planet, i will never have an answer for. If i do, i’ll let you know.

  13. Black object against a black sky for 3 or 4 seconds? How can you be sure it wasn’t your eyes playing tricks with you? I know the conspiracy police will think I am in the employ of the government, but something so large would surely attract the attention of radar operators too ? – cue cries of “cover-up” from certain quarters. Still, at least an unlit UFO would make sense, rather than one that imitates conventional aircraft with standard red,green and white navigation lights 😉

  14. Last Friday morning 15/1/16 I took my dog out to the garden around 6.10am. I was looking up at the sky as it was so full of stars when I too saw a dark triangular shape, it was flying at speed there was no lights or sound. I could see it clearly against the dark sky. Still can’t make sense of what I saw

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