Coleford, Somerset-3rd January 2009

Location of Sighting: Coleford,Somerset
Date of Sighting: 3rd January 2009
Time: 5.00pm
Witnesses: Horler

Witness Statement: saw at around 5pm whilst driving to Coleford Somerset a comet like light with a tail which stopped and changed direction from a right direction to straight on. Both me and me and my daughter saw it and confirmed that we both were seeing the same thing.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. Both me and my Mother saw the same thing, it was at about 5:30 for about 2 hours, we were driving from Taunton to Exeter, it moved as described in the first post.

  2. Both my wife and I saw 5 orange orbs high in the sky as we arrived in Merriot (near Crewkerne – Somerset) on Sat 3rd Jan at approx 5:40pm. We stopped the car and got out just as each orb disappeared one at a time until there was no trace of the phenomenon. These were certainly not aircraft as they were travelling too close to each other and there were no flashing lights as required on aircraft. The night sky was totaly clear and these orbs did not disappear behind clouds.
    Please reply to this if you noticed the same thing.

    UK-UFO Update-This sighting has also been posted as a separate entry in the Somerset section of the website.

  3. On Mon Jan 5th, in Morris County, NJ, at approx 8:15pm many people, including my neighbors and I, also witnessed 5 red orbs high in the sky. They also disappeared one at a time. Our local police dept discounted this sighting as road flares attached to helium balloons. I don’t believe that helium balloons can fly in such a formation as these did. A New Jersey news station ran the story with a video of the lights. They also had an expert on UFO’s who could not explain what it was.

    UK-UFO Update-This sighting has also been posted as a separate entry in the USA section of the website

  4. I live in Merriott and also witnessed the orange orbs on sat 3rd january at approx 5 35,it was a perfectly clear sky i even stopped a passer by walking his dog to confirm what we were seeing the orbs seemed to bob about slightly there was no noise no flashing and then they disapeared far away in the sky , getting smaller as they gradually disappeared from sight. I felt quite priveliged to have been lucky enough to have witnessed such a thing and has definately given me food for thought.

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