Colwyn Bay North Wales-16th November 2013

Location of Sighting: Colwyn Bay North Wales
Date of Sighting: 16/11/2013
Time: 10:35pm
Witness Name: Scott

Witness Statement: Was out walking the dog up along edge of beach just out of town, when I saw a green light move really quick under water about 50 metres off shore. The tide was in and the sea calm with a slight breeze. I thought at first it must of been a reflection so scanned the sky for an aircraft but couldn’t see one. It then reappeared but was static this time so I tried to video it on my mobile but was no good. Another dog walker past me and he too saw it. After about two mins it started to move parallel to us slowly then it just grew in size and brightness then seemed to spin and it just blinked out! No aircraft or boats anyway near and no lights from buildings etc.

I’ve heard of lights being seen under the sea off the north Wales Coast before but this was really weird. Anyone any ideas?


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Updated: November 17, 2013 — 9:33 pm


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  1. The daily Mail, on page 37, had an article on seahorses and how they prey on copepods.

    The copepod is one of the fastest for its size. It’s only 1mm long yet is capable of speeds equivalent to a six foot person swimming at 2,000 mph.

    If a copepod were six foot long what speed could it actually move at? Perhaps the “Daddy of them all” is what naval sonars actually have recorded moving at amazing speeds underwater.

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