Congleton, Cheshire-15th June 2016

Location of Sighting: Congleton, Cheshire
Date of Sighting: 15/06/2015
Time: 11.59
Witness Name: Alessandro Rabar

Witness Statement: We were out walking the dog before bed, as we did most nights – and as we got to where Alexandria Way and Viking Way meet, right next to the leisure center – we saw what appeared to be a shooting star. The star slowed right down and became much closer, turning a shade of orange / red. Two more lights of the same colour appeared by it – one was doing ‘figure of eight’ motions – after a few seconds it stopped doing that movement and fell into a triangular formation with the other lights. The UFO flew dead North for 8 or so seconds, before it changed course East. The lights continued East for another 8 or so seconds before we lost visibility due to a ridge with trees where Westlow Mere is. This was not a plane, it was very low flying and flew an intelligent flight path. Growing up next to Manchester Airport – I’m well aware of how a normal aircraft would appear. There were no flashing lights as you’d expect. The experience left myself and the person who I was with both excited and terrified. The UFO was also completely silent.


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Updated: June 27, 2016 — 7:51 pm

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  1. Have you checked whether there was a laser show in the area at the time?

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