Conisbrough Doncaster, South Yorkshire-1973

Location of Sighting: Conisbrough Doncaster south Yorkshire
Date of Sighting: 1973
Time: TBA
Witness Name: ?Submitted by John Casey on behalf of a neighbour

Witness Statement: A strange thing happened to me?????

??????? wife and I were taking the dog for a walk. So strange in fact that I have dared only to speak of it with close family and friends until recently when I met someone who made me realize that I could unlock a secret I have held since 1973.

It was an august evening in Conisbrough Doncaster south Yorkshire in the uk, no different from any other night, I was 27 years old and recently married. Each evening my wife and I walked the dog at the same time and along the same route. On this occasion when we turned towards the allotments my wife screamed as we stood frozen to the spot.

Hovering in mid air was a large circular metallic object 40 maybe 50 feet in diameter it made a slight droning sound and was surrounded by what appeared to be a heat haze. What was most noticeable was very large portholes around the bottom half of the object which were lit up from the inside; I felt no fear as I was compelled to move closer. I remember wanting to ask whoever was in the craft questions and take a look inside, I also remember my wife screaming and shouting at me to move back.

As I neared to the object it shot off like a bullet into the air. I watched it travel at speed below cloud level and towards the horizon. Suddenly it stopped, hovered for a while and shot off again disappearing from sight.

We spoke of this remarkable event to close family and friends and realized from their reaction that it was unlikely that anyone outside this network of people would believe us, we were more likely to be ridiculed. I have kept this secret from others for 37 years and yet not one day has gone past when I haven?t thought about it I remember every detail as if it was yesterday.

In April I called to see my neighbour and by chance went into his office. Once again I became frozen to the spot and instead of hearing my wife scream, I heard my own gasp. I felt a huge weight lifting from my shoulders as I looked around to see books posters maps and other items relating to UFO sightings and UFO phenomena. Suddenly and uncontrollably I started to tell my story to a man who understood and believed! There was such a rush of emotion that I felt drained and yet exhilarated. What a release!

I know feel able to tell my story convinced that there are others around the world that have experienced the same as me, and like me, may be keeping this a secret. I thank my neighbour John for unlocking this significant event in my life that I now feel proud and not fearful to discuss.

My only regret is that I couldn?t get there attention I so much wanted to know what they where doing here and what technology they had. This craft was so huge you just couldn?t miss seeing it, it was collosal.

A strange and very wonderful thing happened to me.


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  1. A very interesting read. Perhaps now that you have told the story, others may come forward with other sightings of what you saw.

    I have read many reports where witnesses in official positions were scared to reveal their story, in case of ridicule -including army, police, and commercial aeroplane pilots. You are certainly not the first person to worry about that!


  2. My grandad and grandmother saw the same ufo in 1973 they were leaving their house to go to the local pub my grandad told me he heard the droning noise from the ship it was as big as a football pitch and was travelling slowly as it passed over his house in Bolton on Dearne

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