Connah’s Quay, Flintshire-16th May 2009

Location of Sighting: Connah’s Quay, Flintshire
Date of Sighting: 16th May 2009
Time: 10.05pm
Witness: Natalie Jones

Witness Statement: In all honesty I have never before really thought about ufo’s or anything of the kind!… Until lastnight – at approx. 10.05pm. My mum had put our dog out in the garden, 5 mins later I opened the patio door & let her in, when doing so I glanced up to the sky and in all my 23 years have never seen anything like what I saw, I was absolutely stunned….there I saw 3 boldly glowing, orangey-red, round, silent floating (though speedily floating) in a south -westerly direction! I shouted my mum who was in the kitchen, she came and I saw the same shock on her face as I had just experienced, she then urged me to get my dad, as I did 3 more appeared, one behind the other, unevenly spaced out yet all roughly at the same height. We all stared in disbelief wondering what these objects were (my parents are amongst the most rational/logical people you can come across, so to see them so shocked/baffled was also strange for me to see). Altogether we saw about 8 (as we stood on our patio for what we think was about 1-2 minutes) then they seemed to rise higher in the sky just above our house, then all of a sudden vanish!!
We tried to think of every possible logic answer to the question of what it was we had just witnessed, but nothing fitted!! It was the most strange eerie experience we have ever had!

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. You tried to think of every possible logic answer to the question of what it was you had just witnessed, but nothing fitted?? Well allow me to put this to rest.. they were chinese lanterns. They flew over Flint as well. A number of people in my street were outside watching them, with similar thoughts as yourself at first.. until we thought about it rationally and hit the nail on the head: “Chinese Lanterns!”. Look on youtube for chinese lanterns.. There are many videos and I bet you find one which is exactly what you saw. They do rise, and that ‘vanish’ was them eventually burning out. When we were looking at them, one neighbour said ‘Aggh! They ARE Chinese Lanterns – I just got wax in my eye!’. I am actually surprised that your parents didn’t come to this conclusion. I bet somebody up on the hills were having a right laugh at us!

    Case closed.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Let me just say….we are rational people who dont watch ‘star trek’ etc and have never even entertained the thought that UFO’s may actually exist!!
    However, these things were difinitely not chinese lanterns!! We did look on the internet at chinese lanterns, several videos in fact!!…but what we saw that night were definately not chinese lanterns! Im not saying that there were little green men flying these things. But I am saying that we had never before witnessed anything like them!! And still have no logical explination as to what they were!

  3. Okay fair play. Like I said, at first we didn’t know what they were. One neighbour suggested they could be comets (until more appeared) – they did have a very bizarre way of floating around. If you say they weren’t lanterns then fair enough. Maybe we saw different things..
    Rational or no, though.. understand that around this area – including over the Wirral – has been an alleged ‘hot spot’ for UFO sightings over the years. I own a book by Jenny Randals and Paul Whitenall called ‘Alien Contact’, which documents in complex detail a sighting and multiple encounters (at different times to the same family) that occured just up the road from me (in a field just off Coed-Onn road)..
    I highly recommend reading this book. It is in no way trying to promote UFO conspiracy, but instead aims to apply rational methods in order to find a plausible truth (professional hypnosis and many other methods are described).. It’s WELL worth the read.. they were called the ‘Sunderland’ family.. the whole book is about a series of events which happened around here (I’ll tell you where the exact field is – you know the Richard Gwyn high school? Well, going in the direction of where the cricket pavilion used to be – on the main field – it’s the first field behind that row of hedges, adjacent to a footpath behind the fence which runs up along the grass) – the detail in this book is just fantastic as well, complete with photographs and artist’s impressions..
    All may not be as it seems around here.. stay rational – but for your sake, maintain complete awareness and keep an open mind! We are unable to know or understand those things which we close are minds to and thus are unable to come to any terms with them..

  4. Hi Natalie,

    I saw them too that Frday night in May from Mold Road, they were 100% Chinese Lanterns. From what I recall, and looking on the internet, there was some kind of Chinese celebration going on just outside Chester and timing of them and the wind direction was right. When I saw them from Mold Road they apperared to be over the Wirral moving generally Westward



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