Corby, Northamptonshire-3rd May 2014

Location of Sighting: Corby, Northamptonshire, U.K
Date of Sighting: 03.05.14
Time: 15:00 – 15:10
Witness Name:Mr D Evans

Witness Statement: I was out in the back yard cutting the grass and had stopped for a break. I was looking to the sky as it was a nice day, blue skies and white clouds. I noticed a dark but faint crescent shape moving fairly fast from the north west to south easterly direction. It appeared to be very high, above the clouds at least as high as a passenger jet. I removed my sunglasses and could still just about make it out. There was definitely something there. Without my sunglasses it is unlikely I would have noticed it so its unlikely many people would have seen it due to the sunlight. I called to my Wife three times but she was in the kitchen. When I glanced back it had gone. I would say I witnessed this for between 20 – 30 seconds. I kept an eye to the sky for the remainder of the day, observed many planes, birds and even a glider but nothing resembled what I had seen. I even watched some daylight sightings of the ISS on YouTube to see if that was what it was… definitely not.


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  1. Interesting; just a suggestion but the date corresponds with the first flight, this year, of the only remaining De Havilland Sea Vixen. I’m not sure where she flew to, or at what time, but seen at a height, and by someone who doesn’t know her, she could be percieved as ‘crescent shaped’. She’s grey/blue in colour, and pretty fast too. Perhaps too far north, however.

  2. Hello Mr Evans,it is possible that you witnessed a stealth bomber at high altitude,these aircraft have more of a triangular shape with a cutout at the back which from a distance could appear crescent shaped,however this is only a sugestion,it still remains a strange kind of sighting,thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  3. Hi I was a passenger in a van travelling round the back roads near the hills round Keswick and witnessed a large crescent shaped craft on Monday the 12th of may 2014 just before 2pm.

    Due to the height of multiple hills and the twisting of other roads I could only see it for 7 or 8 seconds but it was banked slightly on its side and moving the opposite direction. There was patchy cloud around and it headed into a darker cloud and out of but it was at least 400 feet off the tallest peak and would estimate the width of it between 150-200 feet and a length of maybe 70 feet. It was heading East at slow steady pace when it disappeared into low cloud.

    Kind of looked like one of the death gliders off Stargate sg1 only a lot bigger but it’s wings were curved down at the edges, there were no visible props or engines or and payloads it was sleek and smooth.

    Could be the same craft in a different location but using the hills for cover.

    It was a dark indigo colour and very cool. It wasn’t possible to take its picture as by the time I got my phone out my pocket and unlocked it was well out of view.

    I looked for it all day after that but I heading West and by its bearing it was going East so no joy.

    I am familiar with the sea vixen and it wasn’t her, I would have preferred it to be but it was more more the size of an avro vulcan.

  4. Neil, the corridor used by the RAF is east to west around Keswick, Which mountain was it crossing please?

    Many Para Gliders launch around here and of course are crescent shaped.

  5. Il do some map reading and get back to you on that, I have seen a few jets about as I live not a million miles away from there but I was not confused by the scale or perspective. Used to being on the hills and unless the parachutes used for paragliding have been quadrupled in size and don’t have anything below them or behind them them in was something else.

    In saying that I’m not saying it wasn’t terrestrial

  6. Hi Steve T,

    As you no doubt know there is a picture of Kenneth Arnold holding a sketch of a ‘crescent shaped’ UFO’s (9) that he observed in 1947.

    Now, that is a ‘crescent shape’ UFO unlike say a Sea Vixen ;-).

  7. “Hi Steve T,

    As you no doubt know there is a picture of Kenneth Arnold holding a sketch of a ‘crescent shaped’ UFO’s (9) that he observed in 1947.

    Now, that is a ‘crescent shape’ UFO unlike say a Sea Vixen ;-).”

    I am indeed! My suggestion of the Sea Vixen was simply because the report corresponds with the date of her first flight, and at a height she can indeed appear to be a crescent shape, thanks to the unusual configuration. However, on checking, she wasn’t anywhere near the area concerned. Still, always worth suggesting the more likely earthly explanation, isn’t it?

  8. My frend was showing me a video he took of a light flying over London on the 3 may 2014 on his phone he was at a bus stop. Wafting to go and watch Everton .

  9. Hi Guys, this original sighting was mine. Thanks for showing interest. I wanted to clarify that the crescent shape I saw was also flying side on (to what you would expect of a craft of that shape). I had trouble explaining this clearly but it was like I was watching a C shape pass over me with the top curve of the C appearing as the “front” of the craft.

    I just decided to google my report to see where it had ended up on the internet and who was interested. I haven’t seen anything like it since but I’m always looking.

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