Corby, Northants-18th July 2009

Location of Sighting: Corby, Northants
Date of Sighting: 18th July 2009
Time: 10pm
Witness Name: Jody H

Witness Statement: I went upstairs to bed, and noticed a strange orange light in the sky which looked like it would be above Asda or the Weldon area. The light seemed to be quite bright, brighter than a star, but it seemed to move upwards and downwards, the light then seemed to fade away, and then it became bright again, at this point i went to fetch my Husband, and when i went back to look it had disapeared completely.

Source: Direct request on UK-UFO

Comment : If you can provide further information on this or other possible UFO sightings in the Corby, Northants area then please leave a comment or send details through our “submit sighting” form.


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  1. I was in the garden talking to my naighbour at about 10 pm on the 21st aug 2009. when two very bright orange lights came out of nowhere. At first it looked like a plane as coming down untill they past over head and allthough they where moving like they where attached they was nothing ataching them. they moved from west to east and faded away..

  2. Seen 4 of them tonight . I doubt they’re UFOs. strange though.

  3. 10 lights slow moving rockingham to corby direction well spaced 2 groups of 5, about 9-30 pm 2nd feb 2010 moving against the wind anyone else see them I dont believe in ufo’s but would like to know what they were.

  4. just seen 10 bright orange spots surounded by triangular haze about 11:30pm. tonight coming from the boating lake towards weldon. don’t believe in ufo but just wonder what the hell is that. they all moved like an areoplane then hoverred like a helicoptor then disappeared.

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