Corby, Northants-9th July 2014

Location of Sighting: Corby, Northants, U.K
Date of Sighting: 09/07/2014
Time: 16:30 ish
Witness Name: Mr D Evans

Witness Statement: Opened the side door to enter the garden and instantly noticed what I first thought was a plane with the sun glinting off of it. It was moving from North West to the East. I then noticed it wasn’t flying nose straight on, instead drifting at an angle… The more I looked at it the less it appeared as a plane and at one point appeared transparent. It was glittering brightly, from the sun or not is unclear. Once my eyes adjusted to what I was seeing it resembled a shard of glass. It moved very quickly, like a jet fighters pace. I watched it fly right over and eventually lost sight of it to the east in clouds. The sky was very clear apart from the odd white cloud. I heard no noise that would usually be expected from an aircraft fly over and I’m constantly viewing planes through my binoculars from the garden. I’m convinced that it was not a plane. Other than that I cannot say. This is the second “sighting” I have had from my garden. Much like last time I didnt want to attempt to get out my phone or run for my bino’s as it was clear that this thing would be gone as soon as I took my eye off it.


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Updated: July 12, 2014 — 7:29 pm


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  1. Bears many similarities to my sighting under the heading ‘south of west linton ‘.Almost exactly the same date only a couple of years earlier.There is some sort of craft flying about that has the capability to almost completely disguise itself. But it does not seem able to become invisible in bright sunlight.It can either bend the light round itself or possibly uses a holographic projection system. Not as difficult or ridiculous as it sounds. Billions of pounds/dollars/yuan can develop some amazing technological advances. There have been rumours of a very advanced Russian spy plane, but then aren’t there always. Well spotted Mr. Evans. I am certain you did not confuse this craft with reflections from the fuselage of a commercial airliner. Very different effect.

  2. At last,An answer to why I see planes on Flightradar24 going sideways on some occasions,I will sleep tonight..

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