Cornholme Village Todmorden, West Yorkshire-16th January 2012

Location of Sighting: Cornholme Village Todmorden. West Yorkshire
Date of Sighting: 16/01/2012
Time: 6.20 pm.
Witness Name: Michael Greenwood

Witness Statement: Whilst walking down Burnley Road last night, i saw some unfamiliar lights in the sky which were behaving strangely.
there was a large square up in the sky, only the outside of the square was light up all along the edge like a thin continuous florescent tube. the square then changed to 2 smaller squares which were interlinked, then change again to three squares. It was darting around erratically,( like those dance floors you get, step on another square and it lights up) that is what it reminded me of. The lights were changing from white to blue to red, whilst watching it travelling across the sky, i could see a dark mass behind the lights but could not determine a shape, more triangle than anything. These sequence of lights must have been on the underside.
At no time did the lights look like a normal light, just a bright glow like a fluresant tude, solid all around the edge. This craft must have been as big as a jumbo jet, there were normal planes around as we are on the flight path for Manchester airport, this object was defiantly in earth’s atmosphere, or i would have thought it was the space station.
I watched it till it went out of sight over the tops ( top of the moors). I was on Burnley road Todmorden, it came across from towards Hebdon Bridge (as the crow flies) then over the valley and across the tops towards Bacup.
The sighting lasted about 3 mins, i was rather amazed by this, im an ex soldier, and not given to believing in , ufo,s like many do in these valley,s.
I am wondering if anyone else saw sighting as there must have been plenty of people out and about in the valley at that time.


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  1. hi there

    I’ve never really been into spotting ufo but im sure I seen one last night

    It from hyde in manchester and was just popping to asda at 8.25pm and there eas a police helicopter in the sky so i was watching that while driving back home.
    I then saw a bright light going really fast, at first a thought it was a shotting star but seeing the paper has change my mind.

    Is this anything anybody else seen?


  2. Very interesting piece, i saw a huge orange ufo fifteen years ago. Quite a unusual shape in ufo terms, and squares are not naturally ‘organic’ shapes for stars etc. the triangular shape in the bacground is interesting. Have you googled TR3b? Good luck.

  3. Huge Orange square UFO I might add.

  4. I carried out magnetometer survey 12/01/2012
    around cornholme&lyddgate…readings were 170 micro tesla
    which normal field readings are 47micro tesla. I also have a
    Ufo quatum flux reader..that also gave high readings

  5. keep looking you live in a major ufo hot spot log every thing you see i used to live in liddenden foot and i`ve seen loads lolly 1333

  6. What is a ufo quatam flux reader, how does it work.

  7. very interesting post i have not yet seen a ufo but i am sure there something out there.

  8. Quantum flux.meter…reads electron flux
    around the environment.

  9. I firmly believe i saw a UFO when i was 10 yrs old in Cornholm near Todmorden, West Yorks in 1981-82. I saw it then went to my younger brother hey look at that, i looked away for a split second……..gone, the object hovering in the sky had vanished. There is no way it could have been any bird, plane or jet. It was an amazing experience and to this day i firmly believe we CANNOT be alone in the Universe.

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