Costessey, Norwich Norfolk-26th October 2012

Location of Sighting: Costessey, Norwich Norfolk
Date of Sighting: 26th October 2012
Time: 7pm
Witness Name: Debby

Witness Statement: Hi, Last night on 26th Oct, I was standing at my back door having a cigarette when I saw a bright orange ball of light in the sky, it was travelling parallel to the wind towards Norwich and made no noise. I watched the light for about two minutes until I could no longer see it. It didn’t lose it’s brightness as it got further from me, I know it was not a Chinese lantern as it did not flicker or travel with the wind and it was bigger than any lanterns I have seen. Did anyone else see it, can you tell me what it was ?


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Updated: October 28, 2012 — 8:25 pm


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  1. Hi, My daughter and I witnessed one of these balls of light up close 8 to 10 ft away was just over my daughters head, thought it was going to land did file report on here am in mansfield ,notts .scared me couldn’t move a muscle was rooted to the spot felt like it was watching us. Totally silent obviously controlled stopped and just hung there above us so close my daughter could have touched it if she had jumped up,metallic when dimmed down glowed brighter then shot away at speed and very steep angle,since then it has returned many times and can change size and colour.I have no idea what they are but believe they are not of this world.

  2. Hi,
    Thankyou Debby and Jo for sharing these accounts, I find them fascinating. Jo can you tell me an approximate diameter of the light?
    My kind regards

  3. Hi Jo, I remember reading what I think was your sighting a while back. Very similar to my own experience. The ball of light / orb came within about 20ft of me. Seemed very much like it was coming down to have a look at me at the same time then veered off up into the clouds. I likewise was rooted to the spot.

  4. Hi Gordon,The ball or sphere was as bright as the sun but gave off no heat and had approx diameter of about 2 metre,but it changed brightness as if it powered down and was maybe about a metre and a half.My son also witnessed one at his bedroom window which was the size of a football a few days before, incidentally I didn’t believe him at the time thought he was dreaming, The one my daughter and I saw slowly went past neighbours bedroom window before it came into our garden. My feelings now about these things that maybe some spy device or probe of some sort.

  5. Hi k,
    Good to finally find some one else who has also had such a close encounter with one of these,Also interesting that you got the same feelings as me.Was in two minds whether to post my sightings because I know I sound crazy and no one would believe it but was hoping for an explanation for what they are but have never found one yet.To be honest has made me view things very differently.

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