Cowdenbeath, Fife Scotland-27th February 2010

Date of Sighting:27th February 2010
Time:22.30 hrs
Witness Name:Fiona Walker & Kevin Clark

Witness Statement:Myself, my partner and his daughter were travelling home to Cowdenbeath
from Crossgates from my friends house just as we were approaching Cowdenbeath we saw approx. 10-15 bright orange/red lights high in the sky they seemed to be in some sort of formation (in lines) in a kind of pyramid shape we stopped the car as it was such a strange sight we thought it might be helicopters so I rolled down the window to listen but there was no noise at all and as it was quite late at night and there was very little traffic you would think you hear that amount of helicopters, we also thought about chinese lanterns but this didn’t make sense either as they were stationary in a formation for at least 5 mins also the majority of them disappeared all of a sudden apart from 2 which started to move pretty quickly towards Hill-of-Beath and 1 towards Mossmorran before they disappeared too so unless chinese lanterns have some kind of radio-controlled motor attached to them I don’t believe thats what we saw I’d love to know if anyone else saw these or if someone has an explanation please let us know


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  1. these are in fife every night there chinese lantterns ive seen them the first couple are amazing but thats what they are ,, i did see ufos towards luechars from leven one night about two years ago thored lights high in sky in formation then dissapeard, and saw a firebawll in the mid nineties
    so, im not making a fool of anyone

  2. My partner and I have saw these orange lights on 2 separate occasions. We live in Cumnock, Ayrshire. First time we saw them was New Year (2011). They were travelling west to east, very slowly climbing, too slow to be any type of aircraft, silent and appeared to all be on the same ‘flight path’, before they disappeared in the clouds. We saw 5 in total between 12.10am – 12.50am, the 2nd sighting was actually 2 together, still following same ‘path’, maintaining same distance between each other, same speed, etc, as the others. We have been puzzled about it since then and have been trying to figure out what they were! We then saw it again about a month ago (can’t remember the exact date unfortunately, but i remember it was a wed night!), exact same as the ones at New Year! Orange light, travelling west-east, very slowly climbing, silent and appeared to be travelling on the same ‘flight path’ as before, but this time we watched it climb slowly as before, then suddenly stop travelling west-east and climbing vertically at the same speed until it disappeared out of sight at a high altitude! We continued to watch for a few minutes but never saw it again. Unfortunately i haven’t any photos of them (yet), but hopefully if i ever see them again i’ll manage to either film them or get a picture. We’re stumped and can’t figure out what it was we saw. We keep trying to find a logical explanation but no luck so far!!

  3. There’s regularly lights in night sky with the sinister mossmorran connection. Also mossmorran have admitted to using drones for some years. One is regularly visible above seventy sevens forest towards Cardenden travelling from left to right for a time then suddenly turns what seems to be a big spotlight and repeats this over and over. It usually appears as soon as daylight fades until it returns. I’ve also seen a similar object repeatedly flying in and out of the smoke coming from mossmorran. The question I would like the answer to is what is the purpose of these drones and why are ExxonMobil not informing the people of the surrounding areas what’s taking place in and around the plant when they are already on a so called last warning from SEPA. I think the people of Fife should be showing a lot more concern about what mossmorran is really doing and at least show we’re aware that something stinks…..

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