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Craft Gliding From Sunderland Towards Newcastle – Sunderland To Newcastle – 11th March 2018

Location of Sighting: over sunderland on to above newcastle air port
Date of Sighting: 11.03.2018
Time: app.12.14am/12.18
Witness Name: Andrew Doran
Witness Statement: 5 millitary like air craft ,as i looked up, to my amazement i witnessed a some sort of aircraft gliding towards newcastle air port.then i noticed followed by another 4 te accuracy of the distance between one another was pin point all had same distance to the next i woke my mother and we rushed to catch the strange objects looking over newcastle we witnessed activity over the runways. i waited and watched about 15 mins later a sort of millitary plane flew over there was no asuall airplanes going over which is very unusuall as i watch all the time and this was not normal was the airport shut down after about 12.15 am

Updated: April 22, 2018 — 9:49 pm


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  1. ‘Strange objects’ land (or overpass) a major UK airport, and no word of this on the news, on social media, just here? For the record, any strange aircraft entering our airspace, or even the threat of one, would trigger a QRA from either Coninsgby or Lossiemouth (two Typhoons are ready to launch immediately at each, 24-hours per day. None occurred on that date.

  2. The report above this, from NW Durham at about the same time, would suggest that the object(s) weren’t close to landing anywhere. The distance between the sightings means they probably relate to something very high in the atmosphere. A meteor would be most likely.

  3. The media will not have anything to do with ufos they won’t even reveal it on the news they will just not go there

  4. “The media will not have anything to do with ufos they won’t even reveal it on the news they will just not go there”

    Utter rubbish. It was ‘the media’ who brought Roswell, Rendlesham, the Berwyn Mountains, many other of the larger cases to the public eye. A few years ago a story of a ‘mile wide’ yellow UFO reported by a pilot over Jersey made the national news, and all the daily papers. How else do you think we get to know about these sightings? A quick Google of ‘UFO sightings 2018’ brings you entries from the BBC, Guardian, Express, and plenty more mainstream media sites.

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