Cranbrook, Kent-25th December 2009

Location of Sighting: Cranbrook, Kent
Date of Sighting: 25/12/2009
Time: 20:20 PM
Witness Name: Matt

Witness Statement: I was at my Sister’s house for Christmas day and went outside to have a cigarette, my Mum joined me. Mum noticed an orange orb in the sky directly above us. I dismissed this as being a Chinese lantern due to the flickering light being emitted. I changed my mind after something caught my attention in my peripheral vision. To my absolute astonishment there was a large black disk in front of the orange orb going in exactly the same direction. It seemed quite low, no more then one thousand feet (this is pure guesstimation), there was no sound but it was undeniably a large disk followed by an orange orb. I pointed this out to my Mum but her eyesight was not so good at that time due to having cataracts (she has since had them operated on), so seeing black on black was not possible, she could see the orange orb OK though. The disk passed overhead and flew of into the distance towards Staplehurst until it was no longer visible, the orb followed and seemed to slowly dim until it was not visible. I would have dismissed this as merely a Chinese lantern had the disk not been present. A truly remarkable and unmistakable sighting. We both saw commercial planes in the area at the time and I would be surprised if something as large as the disk was not detected on air traffic control radar systems. I guess I’ll never find out if it was.


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