Crazies Hill, Berkshire – 21st August 2016

Location of Sighting: Crazies Hill
Date of Sighting: 21/8/2016
Time: 23:15
Witness Name: Rhys Edmond Williamson
Witness Statement: I saw a series of circular lights approx. 9 in the sky above low level cloud that was faint and dim and had a pattern that resembled a school of fish that would intermittently converge in the centre and spread out again. I could see no light being emitted from the ground and the light source was above the low level cloud and covered a huge area. I would estimate that the pattern was at an altitude of 3000 feet and probably around 1000 feet wide. I have a video but it was way to dark to see anything unless the video were to be digitally enhanced.


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Updated: August 24, 2016 — 9:15 pm


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  1. Im sure thats the same thing my daughter saw sunday night. We lay in bed having a cuddle when through my parlty open curtains she said “mum look,see that light in the sky its got blue then green then red lights.look its changing now” i saw the light but couldnt see it as clear as her.she is 9 years old and descriptive. I trust her word. We often look at planes & stars as we on EMA flight path here in Long Eaton. Can’t really say what it was that night as we had just gone to bed as i was feeling unwell.

  2. Sounds like lasers would have been the culprit. What your daughter saw TERINA would almost certainly have been a quadcopter or similar.

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