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Crieff & Balerno, Perthshire, Scotland-4th April 2010

Location of Sighting: Crieff & Balerno, Perthshire, Scotland
Date of Sighting: 4th April 2010
Time: approx 20.50pm & 21.00pm
Witness Name: Alison Blezard

Witness Statement: I was about to leave my parents house in Crieff at 20.50 on 4th April when we looked up into the sky and saw an orange ball travelling through the sky at a regular speed, in a regular route until it disappeared. It was heading NE. About a minute later another similar orange ball became visible. Doing the same speed and route as the last one, then a minute later a 3rd orange ball – travelling the same speed and route as the other two. There was NO sound. They all disappeared at the same spot in the sky. I waited a few minutes before heading off in the car towards Braco to pick up the motorway home to Edinburgh. However, my son spotted another of these orange balls just as we left Braco, it was doing the same speed, same route and it too was silent. My son got out of the car to watch it. It too disappeared at the same spot in the sky as the others.
There was no noise, no flashing lights like an aeroplane would have, they were travelling the same speed and without wavering off their route. They were not ‘floating’, it was a determined speed and route.


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  1. To Clarify, It wasn’t BALERNO, but BRACO (Off A9, Perthshire) that the fourth sighting took place

  2. it isnt a UFO i was in crieff at that time and it was the Chinese lanturns that were getting lit in comrie. it was the wind that night that pushed them in that direction. and they probably disapeared into the clouds.

  3. Yes, my first thought when reading Alison’s descriptions was that she was seeing Chinese lanterns. They are quite a common source of “UFO” reports being given by people in good faith.

  4. Crieff 02/5/18 22.30 two light appeared in sky moved about then went stationary for few seconds then shot of at speed in different direction s can anyone say what it might be

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