Cromarty Firth, Scotland-17th October 2011

Location of Sighting: Cromarty Firth Scotland
Date of Sighting: 17/10/11
Time: 21:07
Witness Name: Lee Robertson

Witness Statement: Very hard to get a real judgement of size, possibly the size of a large house, one constant big white light in the middle with two alternating smaller white lights flashing at either side. It appeared in a flash of light, moved at an incredible speed, like that of a modern day jet, slowed down then completeley vanished into thin air, it is a calm quiet night and I heard not a sound! I have seen strange things before but could be possibly explained as natural phenomenon or man made objects like satellites etc, but I have no rational explanation for this at all, it was only possibly 1000ft of the ground.


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Updated: October 18, 2011 — 7:06 pm


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  1. Seen the exact same thing again on 27/10/11 at 20:35!

  2. Myself and partner were walking down Embo beech on 26th Oct 2011 by our caravan when we saw a very bright light shine straight down from the sky into the sea about 100 yards in front. We walked towards it to investigate as there was no car lights or caravan lights where it was shining. It was so unexplainable as the whole area was dark, not even the moon, we had torches to see where we were walking. The light only lasted a minute or two approx and disappeared when we went over to it. My partner then said there was 2 strange other lights to the north of us and they disppeared after about a minute.

  3. My self and daughter saw a formation of 4 huge very bright lights near the distillery at Roseisle. No sound, extremely large and no apparant movement in broad day light – around 3.30pm. After a couple of minuites the lights just disappeared. To this day I can’t say what this was as I have never seen anything like it before or since. Cannot get over how large and bright the lights were.

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