Dark flat object -Bromley, Kent -19th December 2016

Location of Sighting: Bromley, Kent
Date of Sighting: 19th December 2016
Time: 9.15 ish
Witness Name: Chris
Witness Statement: Whilst walking towards Bromley Town Centre (heading to the A21, which leads into Bromley) I noticed something in the sky in front of me about 200ish feet over the rooftops of the road I was walking down, that appeared to be swirling around, my 1st impression was a pair of balloons tied together.

I was now on Great Elms Road & the object was now on my left hand side travelling straight & true, & moving about twice my pace. I could detect this object was in fact rotating, about every two seconds you could detect a small glinting effect, but, only on it’s left hand side, & as much as I observed this object, (about 4 mins)
I couldn’t say with any honesty if the whole thing was rotating, or just the outer edge, but, as I say, every two seconds it glinted. (the morning was was behind me)

The object was silent, flat(ish) in appearence, with no visible means of propulsion, & dark in colour.

Though it was a windless day (at ground level), I was bemused how this object was able to travel like it was on rails, with no perceivable deviation in height or forward speed.


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