Dark Rugby Ball Shaped Object-Walderslade, Chatham, Kent-7th September 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Walderslade, Chatham, Kent, UK
Date Of Sighting :
7th September 2019
Witness Name:
Peter S
Witness Statement
I was sitting in my bedroom when I saw out of the window a dark rugby ball/American football shape appearing to move slowly in the direction of my house. I rushed to the window to film it, but I accidentally missed the record button on my phone (yes, I am aware this sounds like a silly lie, but I want to report it regardless).
As I thought I was filming, I zoomed in and saw on the screen of my phone that there was a rugby ball shaped white light on the underside of the object, which gave the object the appearance of a black ring with a white centre.
The white light could not be seen with the naked eye,and only showed up when I zoomed in on the image on the screen.
As the object passed over the top of my house, and I pressed the button to stop recording, I noticed that it actually started the recording instead of ending it. I was, and am, utterly gutted that I messed it up and can only hope someone else saw it too.
The sky was orange at the time, and I live in a populated area. Surely someone else saw this too and managed to record it.

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  1. I’m the one who made this sighting. I did a google search on types of large drone to try to work out some terrestrial source for what I saw.
    I found this article from 2010 (linked below) which says UK police are planning to use military style drones, with a picture of a dark grey rugby ball shaped craft.
    I’ve asked the police if they flew anything like that overhead on the date and time in question – no response yet.
    Does anyone out there know if UK police do in fact use large, grey, rugby ball shaped drones in 2019?? Because if they do, and especially if they have their undersides coloured white, that would seem to solve my sighting.


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