Darlington-22nd September 2014

Location of Sighting: Darlington , Co.durham
Date of Sighting: 22nd September 2014
Time: 20.15
Witness Name: Keith Tinnion

Witness Statement: I’ve just seen 3 unusually bright lights low in the eastern sky. They were in a perfect triangle formation , not moving and while i was watching them , they just vanished in front of my eyes. The sky is clear so they didn’t get obscured by clouds . They were at least twice as bright as anything else in the sky .


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Updated: September 24, 2014 — 9:41 pm

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  1. Well, the North Sea is east of you as is a major military area. Of course, you must also consider this was an aircraft on final to Tees Valley Airport and if it were landing it would disappear or turning away from your line of site. RAF Leeming is also on your door step. Clear nights are great training new aircrew in night flying.
    However, this could have been the aliens from Sunderland.

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