Daylight Sighting Spherical And Cylindrical Objects-Batcombe, Somerset-5th August 2018

Location Of Sighting :Batcombe, Somerset
Date Of Sighting :5th August 2018
Time: Approx 18:00
Witness Name:Mark H
Witness Statement: Myself and my friend Amy were lying on a picnic blanket looking vertically upwards into the clear blue sky overhead. Something caught my attention in the far left periphery of my eyeline. My first thought was a bird but a plit second later I dismissed this as a, there were no flapping wings and b, it appeared cylindrical in shape. My mind quickly categorised it as a drone however this object didn’t have a solid outline and after discussion with my friend it was way too high for a drone. It moved very quickly from left to right (west to east) across my field of vision. We were sat on top of a hill and were enjoying almost 360 degree views. I told Amy but she couldn’t see it. My eye followed it until it ran out of site. I estimate the height to be between 3500 -7000 feet above me and the whole incident lasted around 5-6 seconds.
Approximately 10 minutes later I saw another object on the same trajectory. This time as I pointed it out Amy saw it too and we both watched it cross the clear blue sky. Again the object was very high in the sky and therefore moving extremely fast taking again 5-6 seconds to pass through our fields of vision. My eye followed this object right until the far horizon. Again this object had no distinct outline giving it a hazy or fuzzy experience. However, this time the object was spherical in shape as opposed to cylindrical.

Approximately 10-15 minutes later I witnessed the exact same phenomenon again only this time Amy could not find it in the sky despite my efforts. Again 3500 – 7000(?) feet above, hazy outline and spherical in shape, travelling west to east, the whole episode lasting 5-6 seconds.

Updated: October 9, 2018 — 8:04 pm

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  1. Hi its Mark the author of the original post. Just a couple of clarifications which unless my entry has been altered i must have gotten wring the first time. We were sat outside Penny Square Barn just outside Batcombe on the top of the hill.,-2.1305426,602884a,35y,154.73h,0.15t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m9!1m3!11m2!2s1ZabADk87zqBeN_Ofj-nALHl57sk!3e1!3m4!1s0x48722fe043b33195:0x50b74ee6f9131912!8m2!3d51.1549201!4d-2.4454542

    The objects ran from my right to my left not the opposite way around as stated above and ran almost 180 degrees across our whole field of vision. Cross referencing with google maps this would mean the objects came from the south west and ran towards the north east. Looking at the google maps again this would roughly follow the St Michael ley line first identified by Alfred Watkins. Coincidence?

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