Daylight Sighting-Spherical Orange Object-Bristol M5-20th July 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Bristol M5
Date Of Sighting :
15:15 BST
Witness Name:
Richard P
Witness Statement
Travelling north on the M5, where the motorway has two levels. My wife said did I see that orange object above the trees, it went up then down, but then disappeared be hind the trees, I said no (as I was driving). But I kept looking and a minute or so later, I saw it myself do exactly the same thing. Orange in colour, spherical in shape. It went up, then down and again disappeared behind the trees. As the drove on, past the trees we looked to the left across the valley, before you get to Bristol docks, but absolutely nothing to see.


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  1. Be interested in hearing more about this if possible? Anomalous Observational Phenomena blog or Face Book

  2. Bristol based myself and would like to hear more detail if possible-location etc (even AtoZ grid ref). Thanks.

  3. We saw it as we travelled North on the M5 where the motorway is on 2 levels. The object appeared to rise from behind the wooded area, between Clevedon & Tickenham, based on looking at google maps. We were keen get passed the trees ASAP to see if we could see anything else (looking to the left) , but as the landscape opens out across the valley, there was nothing. Hope this helps.

  4. i have seen orange sphere in hull twice

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