Deeside industrial estate-21st August 2009

Location of Sighting: Deeside industrial estate.
Date of Sighting: Fri 21st August 2009
Time: 22:08
Witness Name: Eadon Clay.

Witness Statement: Myself and two workmates were leaving work after 2-10 shift. at the sky I noticed something moving roughly from south to north.
It appeared to be glowing pale orange with an intermittently flashing light. We all thought initially it may be a balloon or a Chinese lantern. It was difficult to determine how high it was or how large as it was dark.
The object was moving quite quickly, there was a slight breeze at ground level but it was moving much more quickly and very directly. The sky was largely clear, a few clouds, again not moving as quickly as the object or in the same direction.
It was not possible to determine its shape, it did not appear to be a regular shape. There was no noise emitted.
My gut instinct is that was a balloon or lantern caught in a fast moving wind and difficult to identify positively in the dark,however the fact that it maintained a constant speed,height and direction makes me wonder! My two workmates made much the same remarks.


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Updated: August 23, 2009 — 8:31 pm


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  1. sunday night 22nd august 2009, bright orange ball of flames travelling very fast over the dee valley towards the wirral, thought it was a plane on fire or a hot air balloon, no noise, no clouds in the sky, very fast, straight path, unable to judge height as it was around 9.45 to 9.50pm, also seen by other family members in same locality, very strange

  2. did anyone else see this we are puzzled

  3. My experience was a few years ago, whilst going back home to my mothers. Driving home from Sandycroft to Saltneyferry around 12am I spotted something hovering over the river Dee..?? I stopped the car on the bridge by the farm and watched for what seemed like 10 minutes or so, but was actually half an hour. The shape was unusual almost like what I would describe as a submarine type shape. I first thought it was something that had been produced at Aerospace in Broughton and was on a test… But I realised it wasn’t!! No sound, Very bright lights and when it took off, well wow! The speed was like nothing from here! It went from stand still to a flash of light is milliseconds!!!

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