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Delamere Forest, Cheshire-25th August 2009

Location of Sighting: cheshire delamere forest
Date of Sighting: 25th august 2009
Time: approx 11.33pm
Witness Name: Delamere Four

Witness Statement: We observed two golden coloured spheres race accross the sky in the same direction in a zig zag mode. There was no sound at all the two spheres seemed to follow each other as if chasing each other which I doubt had anything to do with chinese lanterns as the speed exceeded the fact there was minimal wind. We have captured this on video and we are very interested to here from anyone who may of seen the same thing or whom can explain what it was .Yours sincerly ,The delamere four


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Updated: August 26, 2009 — 9:12 pm


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  1. I too live locally Ellesmere Port, I have 2 Ufo encounters, 1 night chatting to neighbour over fence we witnessed for 30 mins 2 lights high in the dark sky amongst stars zigzagging back and to chasing each other around the sky over Frodsham marshes towards Helsby Hill. On another night coming back from a fishing trip approaching Kelsall hill from Winsford passing the Fishpool 130am I zpotted on my left hand side some red lights where tbere was only night sky and against a dark object. Slowing to get a better look I could clearly see as I came parallel, a dark dome with 6 lights on its base glowing red and at an angle motionless about 20 feet above the field and about 50 feet from the road. Curious I pulled up, got out the car for a clearer look as interior lights impaired proper view. There was no sound it just hung there and I suddenly froze realising my vulnerability and thought I must get a witness. I then drove on, I’d left engine ticking over, turning into old Kelsall rd left at the lights and headed for the phone box. I rang 999 and asked for Chester police explaining I wanted one of their patrols to meet me to witness said ufo. They had no cars anywhere close but offered to put me thru to Northwich police. They had a patrol car at Sandiway and offered to meet me in 6/7 mins just past the Fishpool Inn. I dug out my Praktica SLR to take some pics to corroborate my story and put it on the seat beside me, then headed back up the hill. Reaching the spot, the craft had gone, nowhere to be seen! I got out the car and looked everywhere no sign. Very disappointed I headed the quarter or half mile along to the Fishpool Inn. As I approached I could see sparkling lights amongst the trees behind. I drove into the car park and leaving my lights on grabbed the camera and got out. The lights got brighter and now were shooting out thru the trees as this thing approached overhead and just above the tree canopy. It crept slowly forwards soundless till directly overhead at which point I sounded my horn to awake licensee to witness. I started taking photos when licensee came to the window. I shouted look up its right overhead, he replied he was calling the police and promptly disappeared. Just then I heard the fast approaching police car coming to meet me. The lights above started to dim and just as the car skidded to a halt in front of me, the craft above just blurred away accelerating into oblivion. Vanished in a matter of yards as it tore off. The bobbies jumped out, okay so wheres the little green men then? The rest is academic, however recounting the tale next day in work, a colleague said he had taken a scout group to Delamere forest the weekend previous and reading the local paper there was a story (Northwich Guardian) about a couple who had been chased in their car by a flying orb of light that had buzzed their car for about a mile thru the forest. My craft was dome shaped about 20 feet across and whilst totally silent had 6 circular lights beneath each maybe a foot diameter then later in the trees, the only lights were white narrow beams of a few inches diameter in all directions, amazing yet weird and wonderful. I sent my photos off to Bonusprint for developing, a 36 shot 400 ASA film and had taken about 20 shots of this object. After numerous enquiries appears they lost the film! I had set the camera manually for night use so pics would have been near perfect, absolutely gutted.

  2. Clive.

    I remember this incident. The licencee of the Fishpool Inn was a good friend of mine and told me the next day of this incident when you went fishing. I used live at the Waterworks house on the left hands side going from the Fishpool towards Kelsall. I have a few strange stories of the 1970s at that address and lights in the sky. So glad I found your story again. I have been re telling it for years and began to doubt myself that Russ Carter at the Fishpool was telling me the truth.


  3. a good few years ago a friend and i camped in delamere forest. we arrived at a little pub maybe about a mile away from the forest which had a stock outside (the kind of contraption that locks peoples head and hands in place) which we thought was strange but only if we knew what was to come later that night maybe we wouldnt of thought it was so strange.
    it was about noon when we arrived and we ordered some food and had a few ciders because it was still daylight and we didnt know the rules for camping in delamere forest so we though it would be better to wait till nightfall and enter unseen.
    it was around 6pm when it got dark so we decided to make our way to the forest and find a suitable place to camp but before leaving we asked the landlord/lady if it was ok to leave our car there overnight which they happily agreed to.
    we took most of our supplies out of the car and started the mile/mile and half walk to the forest.we got to the road which cuts through a part of the forest and realised we forgot our torches so we had to get our phones out and use the lights on them…we walked about 500m up the road and just randomly turned left because we just wanted to get a fire going and a couple more beers down it was about 10-11pm and weve been sat infront of the fire sharing memories and stories from back in the day just having a laugh in general. then all of a sudden my mate started kicking the fire out until it was just embers and he pointed to the right of me and when i turned i noticed a line of about 5 lights hovering through the forest we just thought it was a car or cyclists at first but then it dawned on us that we was looking into the forest and not towards the road not to mention it was dead silent and the light these things was giving off was madness…i could almost see every tree in about a 300 meter diameter…when they vanished into the distance the darkness just seemed to creep in and as quick as it went bright it went really dark…we was rushing to get the fire lit again and quick because we was properly freaked out…i joked whilst he was lighting the fire by saying imagine if we lit the fire and there was a load of figures just stood around us because we couldnt see 3 foot infront of us it was that dark…wish i didnt because i think i scared myself more than him…about an hour passed and my friend became extremely ill to the point he was white as a ghost and he had a strong feeling of wanting to leave so we did…he had to lean on me most of the way back because how weak he felt…walking back down that road seemed alot more than the 500 meters we thought we had came and all the way down my friend kept pointing out lights in the sky that we both could see through the tops of the trees they seemed to be following us…when we got back to the car it started snowing so we just decided to put the heater on and get some sleep before we set off back home to manchester. we rarely ever talk about it to say its one of the most strangest things to ever happen to us and weve known each other for 18 years give or take…plus this is the first time ive ever shared this story in full detail…it would be good to get what he remembered as well because even the day after it happened the number of lights we seen was different…all around strange night but im glad to have been there and witnessed it.

  4. September15 2018….I was driving to work not far from delamere forest in the country lanes and saw a group of green lights spinning around a farmer’s field fairly low to the ground like the ligts were chasing one another. They crossed over the road infront of me and did the same in the opposite field.was to scared to stop my car carried on driving and therefore couldn’t see behind…very strange!!

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