Denmead, Hampshire-8th August 2009

Location of Sighting: Denmead, Hampshire
Date of Sighting: 8th August 2009
Time: 11.45pm
Witness Name: Barry

Witness Statement: My wife and myself arrived home with my in-laws and noticed the first of the orange, fast-travelling craft flying from North to South. The strange thing was there was no engine noise. ( it was a quiet, still night )
I assumed it was a military aircraft due to it’s speed, much too fast for a commercial aircraft. As it was a bit cloudy, the shape was difficult to distinguish, but we all agreed it was triangular, like a fighter jet. However, the colour of the craft was orange.
It approached, flying over our house and then off to the South towards Portsmouth.
Within a few seconds, a second craft appeared from the same origin and followed just the same path as the first. After perhaps a minute or two, three more appeared. The next was the only one to deviate it arrived from the North, but swept round towards the east and did not go south over our house.
More followed, and within a total of 14 minutes, we had sighted 10, all but one travelling from North to South. As we did not hear them, they must have been very high, but if they were very high, they would have had to be travelling at more than the speed of sound and we would have heard the sonic boom.
It looked at first as if there were bright lights at the front of the craft, but they were orange, not white. There were no red or green lights visible from the wings (assuming there were wings), and the very same colour did not change even as each went away from us.
We would have expected this colour from after-burners of a fighter aircraft, but that surely would not have been visible from the front, and for them to be used would have created considerable noise to be heard from the ground. The fact that they flew the same path, same speed, suggested these were planes, but the colour and speed left us asking questions us what had we just seen. I would appreciate if anyone else saw these and could shed some light on the matter.
And no, we had not had anything to drink.

Source: Direct request on UK-UFO

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