Derby-21st February 2014

Location of Sighting: Derby
Date of Sighting: 21\2\2014
Time: 21:55
Witness Name: Gary Turnbull

Witness Statement: I live in derby city centre with a considerably clear unhindered view of the night sky considering light pollution. so what i saw im a sure of, stood in the back garden smoking a cigarette checking out the stars i catch a small feint orange light moving silently at incredible speed in a perfectly straight line across my “wide area view” of the sky. I watch planes and satellites on a regular basis and im am 100% sure that the speeds this object was achieving were much greater than that of any commercial aircraft or possibly even that of military machinery “also taking into account the fact that im pretty sure the military cannot fly jets at night over built up areas citys\towns etc” i may be wrong but i would love to know if anyone else were to have seen anything similar or have a justify able explanation. I have witnessed many satellites,weather balloons, meteorites in the night sky in the past so i feel that i would identify these if so.


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Updated: February 25, 2014 — 9:52 pm


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  1. Gary you stated “also taking into account the fact that im pretty sure the military cannot fly jets at night over built up areas citys\towns etc”. Yes they can! In certain circumstances the low flying rule can go out of the window as well.

    I’m sure the usual suspects on here, will inform you on what they think you have seen.

  2. I have seen a similar orange orb – close overhead – spherical molten orange – direct and purposeful flight (though in my case quite slow – maybe 50mph).

    It leaves me confident that they are not military or a missighting – but no closer to understanding what they are.

    A true UFO!

  3. Saw something similar in Leeds on the 15th February heading south no noise but very fast an did a couple of sharp turns. Still waiting for my post to be published, bit strange if u ask me :/

  4. looked like a star amongst others and then light went out and i presumed a very thick large cloud blocked it but then it came back and after 5 mins this STAR like thing rapidly dropped lower into the sky at unbelievable fact there was almost no speed it just appeared lower down and then 5 mins later this so called star moved directly leftward without speed as it was so fast it just seem to blink across and appear at a different position……

  5. Alderley, for once I agree with something you say “Purposeful flight” I witnessed this myself in 1971, except there were around a dozen. Sorry I would not rule out the military.

    Now I know this will come as a shock, so please sit down.

  6. Yes indeed, Nemo. My son regularly reports hearing low flying jets screaming overhead in Chesterfield. By the time, he gets outside they’re gone.

  7. Yes I seen these objects above DERBY(1x) also in SLOVAKIA(2x) cluster of reddish/orange fleet flying together in formation silently and quick by freaky fast movements around each other. . its not man-made . .its biological or some kind of entities but not for sure as crafts/saucers or what ever…I been witness to these cluster type of UFOs up to 3 times ever in my life by naked eye! I’m lucky cuz I spend many hours on sky^watch …that’s why .. but check out my youtube channel for own UFO catches with video equipment ..

  8. I once saw in Harrogate a ring of concave coloured lights hovering .
    There was not a sound, this rules out helicopters .
    It did not move.

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