Disc With Blue/White/Red Lights – Near Oxford – 23.11.18

Location Of Sighting :
Over farm fields near Oxford
Date Of Sighting :
Witness Name:
Emma whiting
Witness Statement
I’ve been seeing strange light over these field for years when I was 18 I used to see 3 white ball lights moving up and down and then across really fast now I’m 36 and I actually now live facing these fields I take my partner to work every night at 10pm and I’ve noticed about every 6 weeks or so there is an object in the sky just above these fields it has blue white and red lights and a disk shape that is tilted to the side my partner dosent believe in ufos and says it must be a building but I’ve never know a building to be there at night and not in the day and to be floating then not sure if this is connected but it’s strange I was up about 4am one morning I didn’t see nothing and was to scared to look but I heard something jump from my roof ontop of my bins again my partner said it was a cat but what ever it was I heard the top of the bin lid crunch and the Bang was really loud that would of been a bloody big cat then just 2 days ago I was up early again went to get my milk in now I could hear some really strange horrible noises but it was to dark to see coming from near my house it was like an animal but one I’ve never heard of I can’t even describe it it really was like an alien voice now I no I sound nuts but this really is true
Updated: March 6, 2020 — 12:42 pm

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  1. Your ‘disk tilted to one side’ is probably a drone. Utility companies use them to examine power lines and such. Your horrible sounding animal may well be a fox. They make an unearthly sound sometimes. YOu don’t sound nuts, you’re just seeing and hearing things you’re not familiar with.

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