Dividing White Lights-A1 North Witham / Kendrew Barracks -North of Stamford-3rd June 2017

Location of Sighting: On the A1 near North Witham/Kendrew Barracks just north of Stamford
Date of Sighting: 3rd June
Time: About 21:30ish
Witness Name: Mike
Witness Statement: We was driving south on the A1 when I saw a bright white light high in the sky in the clouds, then the light vanished in the clouds, Next time I saw the light it was lower and started to fire out what I thought was flares, I thought it might of been a jet or helicopter firing flares, Then the white light itself divided into another white light which then divided into another white light, I saw a car ahead pulling over into a lay by, So decided to pull over myself, The gentleman in the other car got out and was trying to see the lights himself, I tried to get on my car to see if I could see anything but the treeline was too high, I went and spoke to the gentleman who had also pulled over and we both discussed what we had seen and we was both in agreement that what we had seen was very strange indeed, We confirmed to each other that we had seen the lights dividing up and we had initial though it was an aircraft but the dividing lights did not seem like an aircraft I have seen before, Traffic on the road was busy so other people must have seen this so that is why I am writing this report.


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Updated: July 12, 2017 — 8:49 am


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  1. Not sure where you’re from, Mike, but given the proximity of your location to RAF Barkston Heath, which hosts the Cranwell night flying tutorials on a regular basis, I’d suggest you saw aircraft following one another there.

  2. Hi Steve,

    For reasons best known to your goodself, you have picked out a RAF base that carries out night flying as your ‘explanation’ for this sighting!.

    Nothing of this sighting resembles would you would have us believe is simply aircraft on night tutorials, nothing!.

  3. In what way do lights in the sky not indicate aircraft, Chris? I’m baffled. The description perfectly fits a series of aircraft turning for finals, one after the other. Try watching it happen before you dismiss it.

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