Doncaster-2nd September 2012

Location of Sighting: Doncaster
Date of Sighting: 2nd September 2012
Time: around 10.30pm
Witness Name: Ashley R

Witness Statement: After observing a low flying plane fly past out of the corner of my eye I saw what seemed to be a shooting star. After turning toward where I saw it I saw around 7 pale orange lights forming a perfect triangle fly past at an imense speed inline with where I saw the “shooting star” fly. The whole thing only lasted 2 seconds at the most. I wouldn’t be able to give an accurate size of the triangle but it seemed to be huge and very high in the sky. It travel so fast it was incompairable to any man made air craft.


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  1. Can I ask whereabouts in Doncaster you live? Was this aircraft landing at RHADS? If not the CAA would be keen to know why there was a low flying aircraft in civil airspace.

    The whole sighting lasted 2 seconds including the shooting star and you were able to discern that a triangular shaped object had 7 lights ( am still trying to work out how seven lights make a perfect triangle – six maybe? )???It does not make sense and neither does it make sense that you knew it was very high in the sky and huge, all in such a short space of time. Not believable.

  2. ashley -any chance of you drawing a picture of what you saw, and sending it by email.
    doncaster being in south yorkshire has allways been active for reports of this nature.
    It is also worth noteing that you did say seemed to be high in the sky, which i believe leaves room for different altitudes for said object.
    your account makes sense to me, and has scope for believability, just needs fleshing out with other factors that need takeing into account.

  3. All this sounds very interesting to me and would like to speak to you all in greater detail. I’m a UFO researcher in Doncaster and have had my own encounters in Doncaster.

  4. Hi

    Thanks for all the comments…ive just checked my email address witch i used to report these and saw that my report had being listed so sorry for the late reply

    First of all the low flying plane was passing over my village of barnby dun….this is a common occurance as it was a plane that had taken of from robinhood airport…i was in the garden having a cigarette as i usually do….if i had to guess a size for what i saw i would say something around 100m in width….this is a quess though as it was really had to get any kind of perspective….i know it all happened fast and the reason i can remmember it had 7 circles in the triangle is because immedietly after i drew it on a piece of paper to confirm how many circles it had…my brother was with me but didnt see it as i was shouting him to look….abit like telling someone to look at a shooting star…they always miss it….i will put a drawing together and make it look as close to what i saw as possible….thanks for all the comments

  5. Thanks ashley,

    Makes much more sense now. Am still puzzled as to how you managed to take in so much detail for what was essentially a split-second sighting. Still, would be interesting to see the drawing. Yeah, having friends in Armthorpe, I know how low they can come over. Had the low flying craft been a triangle, I’d have said you’d seen the Vulcan 😉

  6. So how do I post the drawing on here for everyone to see??

  7. Hi Ashley,

    Can you scan it? If so, you need to e-mail it to the sightings e-mail address ( see faq ) Hope this helps.

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