Downfield Road Cheshunt-9th September 2016

Location of Sighting: Downfield Road en8 8sz
Date of Sighting: 09/10/16
Time: 20:15
Witness Name: Peter Lewson
Witness Statement: I have 100 hours experience flying cessna’s and pipers with approximately 6 night flights. I am also an ex twa then american airlines rep and have travelled the world extensively observing the northern lights twice…my point being i know the night sky quite well.

I have watched the space station go across Southern England twice and understand its shape format and traverse in the night sky.

here’s what i saw in a clear sky with the great bear and the plough brightl and visible….hardly a cloud in the sky, and several jet liners on approach for stansted city or luton airports all in our region

two dull but pink lights separated by a small distance but travelling as a pair in a port starboard configuration but these were dull and both faded pink not red and green

they were at a seemingly low height but with no true reference point it is hard to tell. similarly the perception was they were separate and not part of the same body…more support of this later

the speed of their movement is another factor contributing towards my feeling compelled to document the event. the two pink lights moved from my right at appox 60 degrees above the horizon from the southeast then over my head and off making an arc and leaving visibility at a continued angle of 140 degrees or elevation 40 degrees above the north east horizon.

the arc took just 2 maybe 3 seconds to fly and during departure phase the two performed what looked like a tight barrel roll around their shared centre axis

the entire performance was silent leaving me unable to identify them as rogue drones ….either way are there a pair of drone pilots out there able to perform this roll at this speed at night and whilst out of sight of the line of visionnobody else was nearby and visible

the whole thing was mystical, magical and thus far …unexplainable.
Most people cannot / have not coped with the discussion and any explanations or opinions are invited.

I am delighted to be unable to give a scientific exp[anation and they remain objects that were flying fast …probably low and are quite unidentifiable to me !!


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Updated: October 11, 2016 — 8:21 pm


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  1. Hi Peter,

    Fascinating story! I’d love to get in contact regarding a short sightings film I’m directing.
    Can you drop me an email :


  2. i have just seen something like this just now and i live in east london.
    2 very dull lights travelling parrallel with one another but then one turned at an angle half way through towards the other one… never seen nothing like it i dont think the lights were pink but maybe dull yellow, but they were so dull you couldnt make out a shape and the whole thing was silent swift and fairly fast.

  3. Yes very mystical and magical. Obviously there are some highly skilled night drone pilots around.

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