Location of Sighting: Dudley
Date of Sighting: 1988
Time: 21.55
Witness Name: Phill Kynnersley

Witness Statement: I would like to share a sighting that I saw in 1988.
I had recently passed my driving test and bought a car that I fitted powerful spotlights too. I parked the car in the street by my house and saw a bright light in the sky shinnig at the ground and my friend and I thought it was a helicopter over the park around the corner. He said put your lights on and see whos are the brightest so I did. The craft from which the light was shinning, moved towards us.
it was Triangular in shape with a bar of white lights that looked like football ground spot lights across the front. The craft stopped above us in the car, the bottom of the craft had a pattern of colours that kept changing place form red, green, blue. We couldnt hear anything from the craft but kept watching, The lights went all green then blue and stopped on red. A round 20 seconds passed and then as we watched the triangular shape slowly twisted 90 degrees then it sped off very fast.
To this day I cant think what earthly thing it could have been.


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  1. I saw the same thing two years later in Coventry.
    My report is on this site.
    Search for:
    Coventry 27th September 1990.

  2. Did you go to the Press about this or report it to the Police? Sounds like a scene from Close Encounters. So you hung out of the car windows looking up at this “thing” and weren’t fazed by it? I find that very hard to believe. What would you call the front, if the object was triangular? When it twisted 90 degrees, were there similar floodlights on the opposite side? Was it an equilateral,isosceles or scalene triangle? I just find it strange that any alien intelligence would light itself up like a Christmas tree to attract attention. Bizarre!

  3. We saw similiar object to you in Kingswinford so very local to you in March 2012 entered under Staffordshire reports on this site.

  4. yet another triangle, no sound commented on, and lights that don’t match commercial or private airtraffic.
    I have a friend who has seen a craft of simular shape, as an x serviceman he would concur with these reports.

  5. Phill……What a fantastic sighting! Pity that you didn’t get a photo, but then lots of people are so involved in the moment that they can’t even think of anything else! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. Gary….I find it strange how you can have an opinion on ‘alien intelligence’ when you don’t believe in aliens! Now ‘that’s’ bizarre!!

  7. I saw something similar it was a triangle shape with one white light on each tip and a red light flashing in the middle, saw it last night was going out in garden for a cigarette just reported it here, made no noise what so ever went to get my phone went back it was gone, was 3 times bigger the an eremites jumbo jet was big never believed this shit before these are real never got it on my phone though pity.

  8. Thanks for your replys.
    Gary I didnt hang out of the window just looked through the windscreen up at it, we were crapping ourselves when it stopped, yes I reported it to the police who said that a lazer show was going on in Dudley over 5 miles away but no way was it that, they told me that they had had a few reports about it, the story was in the following nights Express and Star news paper but was not reported to them by me. The front is the way that it was travelling, seems pretty obvious if you ask me, and on the back it was different just 2 small round white lights. It was an equilateral type triange. As for photos, back in 1988 I didnt own a camera or mobile phone.
    To this day I ve never seen anything like it.

  9. Better late than never,Phill. Why would it not have been related. Laser displays can be seen for numerous miles. I remember one going askew near to us in 1984 and the beams stretched a good 20 miles. I know because we were 15 miles away as the crow flies and the light passed over our heads.

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