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Dundee, Scotland-26th June 2010

Location of Sighting: Dundee Scotland
Date of Sighting: 26 June 2010
Time: 00.10am
Witness Name: George Peacock

Witness Statement: I am a keen amateur astronomer and while walking home on a clear night I stopped to look at what I thought was Mars for about 30 secs. When I got in the house I again looked at it but found that it was now moving. It continued to move in an easterly direction until it had gone. It was just a ball of white light. Did anyone else spot this?


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Updated: July 3, 2010 — 2:56 pm


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  1. I have been watching many ufos every nite at around 12pm ive seen bright white lights that move in no fashion as any plane or helicopter, last night over newport in fife there was a white light moving back and forwards in and out the clouds and one of the most convincing yet of any ive seen. Im tempted to ask luchars what they know or if they have caught any of this on the radar as ive seen loads of things in there airspace that aint your typical plane etc

  2. Last night about 10.10 pm (31/7/10) I was taking the dog out when I noticed a bright light in the sky. I watched it move for several minutes, moving in an erratic fashion, the light appearing to be spinning round. The light appeared to be within an object of some kind.

    My assumption is it was one of those chinese lanterns with a candle or some sort of light inside a lantern. Popular at Chinese New Year. My impression was it wasn’t all that high up, maybe the height of a multi story building an it eventually went out of sight to the North of Whitfield, Dundee, moving towards the Sidlaw Hills.

  3. On 26th January 2015, I was walking my dog around 5pm in Lochee Park, Dundee. A very bright light caught my eye in the West over the cemetery area of Balgay. This was very large and glowed a very bright white, almost like magnesium wire which has been lit. It was oblong, sort of a tadpole shape.
    I watched it for about 10-15 minutes and it just hovered in one place but seemed to dance from side to side shimmering but going no place. I went home for my camera as I live close to the park and hoped that it might still be there when I got back but really never expected it to be. However it was there! I took a photo but my shutter speed was too slow as I had not changed it from the previous time i had taken photos. The object came out like a white line, which showed that it was moving even though it never seemed to be moving. It slowly, went further away as if heading toward Invergowrie Bay and gradually vanished.
    This thing was not particularly high in the sky, it was large and the shimmering brightness and the rocking, hovering movement was what made it obvious that this was not an aircraft. At first I thought it was the Asteroid which was to be passing earth that same day but have since been informed that the Asteroid could not be seen by the naked eye. I also thought it might have been the ISS but it was not that either. I have no idea what this thing was. Did anybody else see it? The full length of time I saw it would have been around half an hour but it may have been in seen the sky before I even got to the park.
    Did anybody else see this light?

  4. When I was 10years of age I was with three friends of same age.. it was mid summer Dundee 1982/3. I seen a huge object in stunning white shoot across the sky going north it! This thing flew past with such speed I hit the path I really got a fright of my life then I ran to end of street bottom arkley street and seen this bright light in the far sky but this thing must have been hitting a speed of well over 2000/3000. mph!! It happened so fast my friends wondered why I was on the ground?? I kept it to myself but now I know what I seen it was a ufo..

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