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Durham-12th August 2013

Location of Sighting: Durham
Date of Sighting: 12th August 2013
Time: 1245 to 1255
Witness Name: N McSherry

Witness Statement: Saw blinking light in distance from house over shincliffe way. Wife saw it first as see was looking to see shooting stars. After about 5min she ask me if that was a star. It was very clear night and it was way to low in sky to be a star. As it was not moving and we could not here sound we ruled out fixed wing aircraft. I looked at it with binos and it looked triangle shape with lights on bottom and red light going around side. It appeared to be on it side at about 30 deg and a light was coming from it going to the ground. It was at a distance and could not get picture. It then went lower down and we could not see it any more. It was not Chinese latten as we are used to them and was nothing like it in looks or way it worked. Could have been a helicopter but never seen one with lights like that and am sure it had triangle shape to it. Just can not explain it but would love to know if any one closer saw it.
Would say it was in-between sherburn village Durham and high shincliffe durham going out towards bowburn.


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Updated: August 18, 2013 — 9:50 pm


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  1. Hi there,
    Not too much of an idea re this one! At first reading I thought that it may have been a star such as Sirius (which because of it’s blinking/shimmering with many lights can be mis-identified as a U.F.O!)
    However, this was ruled out because of the apparent light shining down from it and also the eventual downward movement.
    (Incidentally, any star can be low in the sky, even very close to the horizon, until it rises higher into the sky!)
    Anyway, the only things that I can suggest at the moment may be a very distant Police helicopter with it’s high intensity ‘sun-light’ on (they can sometimes hover for long periods at a time!), a LED lit radio-controlled craft or perhaps, a possible U.F.O! -Paul

  2. Hello,
    Read my UFO report from a few days ago in Harlow, Essex I saw something similar to what you saw. A triangular shaped object with 3 orange balls at each corner. This was the first UFO we saw that night. However there was no other lights to it other than the orange ones! And it was flying at a strange angle. Read my report 🙂

  3. Alex, how many other UFOs did you see that night then?

  4. just one alex and it dose sound very similar. but i was at a distance to the object and could only see out line off shape and lights when i used my i said it did not move and if it was there for a good ten min. if it was where i thought it was, it could have only been at 2000 feet max. i am sure it was not police helicopter as the light that went towards ground was very a small i say it looked like it was on 30 deg angle towards the ground. only thing i can think of is a kite withe led lights as it stayed there so long with out moving. i think it was over a mile away but not to distant as i could make shape out and see lights when i viewed it through binos.

  5. Hi.
    I saw my first UFO on the 18 Aug 2013 from West Cornforth. The UFO was really high up and appeared to ba a star until it started to zig zag.
    Had it just moved in one direction i would have thought it to be a shooting star.
    It was able to do a right angle turn in a second without any curvature in it’s flight path.
    It was about midnight and had to use periferal vision to keep tracking it
    I have reported the incident to two other websites.

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