Duston, Northampton-27th March 2012

Location of Sighting: Duston, Northampton
Date of Sighting: 27/03/12
Time: 9.40-10.00
Witness Name: A. Burden

Witness Statement: Whilst walking home with a friend we were looking at the Moon, Venus and Jupiter, as it was extreemly clear skys they looked beautiful. My friend noticed an Orange light moving Southish it haltingly passed between venus and Jupiter. I suggested it could be a plane or a helicopter but he pointed out that there were no flashing lights. I suggested it could be a chinese lantern and we concluded that that was the case. However it vanished in an instant. Then 1-2 minutes later it reappeard but was travelling in the opposite direction. We continued to watch it until it vanished. I say it was orange but at times it seemed more white and seemed to pulse very slowly. I am fairly sceptical about these things and was wondering if anyone has a rational explaination. I don’t beleive it was an alien ship etc.


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Updated: March 28, 2012 — 9:12 pm

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