Duston, Northampton-August 1996

Location of Sighting: Duston, Northampton
Date of Sighting:??/08/1996
Witness Name:Anon

Witness Statement: I was 12 years old riding my bike with my friend, We were riding thorugh Duston and decided to stop for a minute. I looked up and aked my friend what it was we could see in the sky. My friend had no idea and neither did I. We knew it wasn’t a plane or a helicopter. It was traingular in shape, with 3 bright lighst at each point, it was hovering and a loud vibrating humming sound was coming from it, then it started to move very fast and erratically from here, to there, back, up, down, diaganal, then it zoomed off very fast and it was gone…Now many years later after looking through the interenet I can only describe this as the T3B-Astra! An aircraft which has been in service for about 20 years that uses quanum physics for its flight, which would also explain the movement!

Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

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  1. From your description Jeanette I’d say the plane you saw was an Avro Vulcan, a truly impressive aircraft which was designed in the 1950s along with it’s two stablemates, the Vickers Valiant and Handley Page Victor, which saw service with the RAF as an aerial refuelling tanker up until 1993.

    Collectively, these three aircraft were nicknamed the V Bombers and were designed for high-altitude, high-speed penetration of Soviet airspace to deliver a free-fall nuclear weapon. They were intended to fly higher and faster than contemporary fighter aircraft.

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