Earlsdon, Coventry-25th July 2009

Location of Sighting: Coventry, Earlsdon
Date of Sighting: 25th july 2009
Time: 23:40
Witness Name: Sarah and Carly

Witness Statement: a reddish orangey circle shape going upwards momments later another one appeared they went straight up to around the height of a helicopter then changed direction and went straight accross untill out of sight they seemed to be moving very quickly but inline with eachother there was no noise just a bright reddish orangey glow

if anyone has any info on this would be much appritiated thank you

Source: Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. Around the same time and on the same date five of us witnessed an orange glow in the sky moving from east to west. We were in the Courthouse Green area of the City. The glow at one point became stationary before appearing to move up and then down on the same axis 3 or 4 times before changing colour to green and red before reverting back to the orange glow. It then continued an arcd course at speed before moving out of sight behind clouds. There was no sound from this object!

  2. I live in Courthouse Green, Nuffield Rd – and I scan the skies every night – have yet to witness anything, though always looking. Am convinced only a matter of time though.

  3. …just to reiterate the above from Dave & Ron, we also saw the same object. It was witnessed by 5 of us & never seen such an unusual object before, definitly not an aircraft or an optical effect. Seems similar to the object seen over Keresley later in the week?

  4. if mark adams scans the skys every night then he could not fail to see the line of lights me and my wife saw last night 50 or more orange light moving in uniform one after another the seemed to becoming from the Earsldon side of the city we are in foleshill just of churchill ave , they were sean by a frend of our in hampton road and also by my sister and her husband in top end of wyken . these were also orange in colour with no noise what so ever aeroplanes were above with the usual white and red light and flashing ther were no flashing lights on any of the orange light , they came across the sky as i said from the earsldon side and moved towards bell green side of the city but about half way between they went up and away

  5. On saturday 10th oct 09 me and a few friends were in the city centre at approx 11pm and witnessed some red / orange lights rising from the foleshill road / radford road direction. They seem to follow the same path and all disappear at around the same height. This is not the 1st time i have seen these and eadch time baffles me more. A friend thought they were hot air balloons, thus the orange / red lights….but im not convinced.

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