East Dulwich, London SE22-26th May 2012

Location of Sighting: East Dulwich, London SE22
Date of Sighting: 26/5/2012
Time: 00:28
Witness Name: Phill Wheadon

Witness Statement: The night was clear, warm and provided excellent night sky viewing. I popped out to fetch my binoculars after a night of star gazing and saw an extremely bright flash – just above Saturn in Virgo. The flash then recurred in a slightly different position. I started counting seconds between flashes – there were five flashes in total but the periodicity varied. There was also a red beam that coincided with the first flash but did not repeat. The flashes came from a small dull red object that was visible between the flashes.

The flashes were about the size of Venus but the intensity of light was much greater. The flashes had an odd jagged quality like burning magnesium. After the last flash the dull red object moved slowly across the ‘head’ of Virgo and then was lost to sight.

I did not use the binoculars as I was afraid I would miss something or lose sight of the whole event which lasted about 40 seconds.

This sighting was very similar to one reported by Anon on 16th May 2012 in Essex. Anon provided the following link to a short video:


Source: www.uk-ufo.co.uk

I would also like to reply to Ronnie Hobby who saw a V shape object lined with lights in Bodrum, Turkey – reported here recently although the sighting was in 2004. I have reported seeing such an object on several occasions at this site. The description matched my sightings except that every one I have seen has travelled very fast on a non-deviating course.


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  1. Hi, I saw the same thing on at 2:15am on the 26th too. Brilliant flashes like stars exploding. I have no idea what they are either.

  2. PD: I saw them from Hampton in London.

  3. Google Iridium flares and compare to what you saw. I saw a huge one earlier this week, really bright over Bristol. Spaceweather.com has a list of flaring satellite’s you can see on clear nights.

  4. Hi, I have seen this phenomenon, on more than a few occasions over the past few months,and they are very intriguing, although the colors of flash seem to differ from bright white to electric blue…which I have seen both together at the same time in the same rough area…between the big dipper/plough..virgo and mars.. didnt know satallites needed flares??

  5. I posted this sighting – thank you all for your comments. Just to add that I regularly observe satellites and am familiar with Iridium satellites and Iridium flares: there are several interesting things that can occur to their reflective intensity as they track across the sky.

    Iridium flares occur as a peak of solar reflection as the iridium satellite tracks across the sky. Around the Summer Solstice early Iridiums at a high elevation seem to progress through the following sequence:
    dull reddish, increase in brightness to a white star intensity, flash suddenly to a Venus level of brightness, return to star like object, then become dull red and finally disappear well above the horizon. These details vary according to time of year and precise track and elevation.

    The object I reported remained in a small area of the sky and flashed intensely several times. The nature of the flashes really was of a specific quality – jagged, jarring, intense.

    This is a late reply – I should have checked the comments sooner – it is now Late August 2012. So as an update I would like to add that I have not seen this object again. In fact nothing here since this sighting.

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