East Hoathly, East Sussex-26th March 2012

Location of Sighting: East Hoathly, East Sussex
Date of Sighting: 26.3.12
Time: 9.55pm 10.00 onwards for 30mins at least
Witness Name: Theresa

Witness Statement: At around 9.55 i looked out of my first floor flat open window and saw a light, it came nearer and seemed to move and then get brighter. At first i opened the window and expected it to be a helicopter, and be noisy as it shines down its light. As i listened, there was no sound coming from it. I watched for at least 30 mins, and saw many at least 10 sparkling lights all around the area. I saw red lights on each little one.The large light moved over to near venus and just right of the moon. Then the light got smaller. All the little sparkling lights moved around the sky. Gradually towards the bigger light.I often see airoplanes going to land in Gatwick, but these little lights moved accross the sky fairly fast. Not extremely. Then another smaller light, went back to wear i saw the first light and also grew into a bigger light almost a bright cream shining light. Again it stayed quite large for about 4 mins, and also faded and gradually moved over to the Venus and Moon location and got v.small. When i looked up there was several twinkling lights all with red little lights on them. They all seemed to exit towards the moon/venus area and then went. Just got very small and was then invisible. My daughter had seen at least 5 similar lights the night before at the back of the flat when she went off to sleep. Interestingly, my 02 signal has in the last 2 days gone really bad when it has been perfect here. Also the p.c has been playing up and i jokingly said the other day, perhaps the saterlight dish has got knocked up there! Now im wondering?


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Updated: March 28, 2012 — 9:16 pm

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  1. when you say the lights faded to nothingness, maybe they were travelling at such a speed, they just appeared to go out, if so must have covered an enormous distance, perhaps someone with better knowledge of the sky may know??

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