Eastwood, Nottingham-7th August 2009

Location of Sighting: Eastwood, Nottingham
Date of Sighting: 07/08/2009
Time: 22:15
Witness Name: Erica

Witness Statement: i was looking out of my window at the back of my house, when i saw 2 orange lights in the sky. They moved around in formation then were joined by more.They were there for a while then dissappeared at speed into the Night.

Source:Direct request on UK-UFO

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  1. we saw the orange lights in the sky too about 7 of them we have pics and video footage,im still amazed by what i have seen,it was about 22.10 when we saw them,were in the hinckley area of leicestershire.

  2. Hi Vicky

    Could I trouble you for a copy of the pics and footage to be emailed to me? I’d love to see them, I’d be able to confirm whether this is what we saw, too. My email is bevverlyt@hotmail.com.

    Thank you – if you do email them, I’ll certainly reply to you as soon as I’ve had a look!

    Many thanks

  3. Vicky,if you can also email them to me at sightings@uk-ufo.co.uk I’ll add them to your report.
    Thanks, Andy

  4. Beverly & Andy my phone wont let me upload the vidoe footage but here is a link to a sighting last night and what we saw was just like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4J5giOtaREw

  5. i seen 2 bright orange like fire balls on saturday 8th august 2009 at about 10.30 pm, i was driving and i stopped to watch them, as i was watching 1 of the lights disappeared then a few mins later the other light went out but i could still see it glowing as it moved across the sky, the best description is like when coal as been buring and then it glows it was like a duller effect after the bright orange light went out, there was no noise so it wasnt a plane before people say it was. id like to no if this is what others seen, thanks

  6. sorry my last comment was ment to be friday 7th august, been to bed since then. lol

  7. Hi there, me and 3 mates also saw orange/red lights in sky at roughly 1.30AM 23 Aug 09 near Top Valley. Luckily 2 people from the house near to where we parked walked by and saw them. Did anyone else see this in the same area that night?

  8. Hi me and my partner seen one orange light in the sky last wk around 8ish(heathfield est it was) like a burning ball that was moving really fast then it just stopped then it went,and to night(29/10) me and my daughter seen the same light in arnold at around 6.30 ish,can any1 pls tellus what they are.

  9. Hello Louise,

    This is my feeling about the fireballs….

    I think they are friendly craft putting on displays to attract our attention because it is important that humanity shifts gear now and that people get involved in what is going on in the world … because some leaders are making very bad choices.

    So we have to be involved.

    Why they are appearing as burning fireballs, I don’t know. Perhaps they feel they need to do something different because they have put in wonderous appearances over the past sixty years, and yet those who control the mainstream media have persisted in either ignoring them or ridiculing them.

    I don’t think we should be worried.

    I feel they are on our side, and mean well.

    I think we have friends and help.

    But I must add, I think they want us to help ourselves as much as possible.

    When we have got more into gear, they will be with us. We have been denied information, now we need to catch up.

    Perhaps for reasons of control, or because they don’t want to be out-shone, various controlling organisations and elites of leading countries have not wanted us to know there is much life out there in the Universe… and in fact, on Earth too… because some of the fliers of these amazing craft seem to live on the Earth with us.

    All the best, Michael

  10. saw these lights last night (31/10/09), very strange indeed!! they appeared to be hovering across the sky. i was in the car going through bulwell at roughly 7.30pm. would love to know more about these.

  11. I live in Wollaton, Nottingham and we often see Chinese lanterns which are set off from Mr Mann’s Chinese Restaurant. This may explain several of the orange fireball sightings mentioned here.

    However, myself and my husband both watched three red lights move across the sky at speed in a triangular formation on Monday 16th Nov. Does anyone have any idea what they might be?

  12. My parents who live near West Bridgford Nottinghamshire saw the same things as reported at @ 11pm on August 7th.They report seeing the bright red/orange lights (burning coals good description)speeding silently through the sky, the first 2 were one behind the other, the next 2 side by side then one on its own.My father who has very good distance vision said he thought they had a v shaped front end.
    Delighted other people saw them too.

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