Edenfield, Lancashire-22nd September 2014

Location of Sighting: Edenfield, Lancashire
Date of Sighting: 22/09/2014
Time: 23.10
Witness Name: Jennifer & Michael

Witness Statement:Based on the top of a hill, our garden overlooks wind turbines & Farm land. We were outside looking at the stars and noticed a very unusual sight – looking East, 7 pulsating and moving bright lights were effectively hoovering/dancing in the sky. We stayed and observed for 20 minutes. The lights were not stars (we can say this very confidently, they were much finer/no haze) – although at times were as bright as stars, as they pulsated individually in a random sequence. The ‘group’ of lights kept a loose formation, but pulsated and moved rapidly together, back and forth, up and down and around in circles (but again, stayed in a loose shape) The colour seemed to changed slightly too (red/white). At one point a plane passed beneath them (to give a reference to height) Which didn’t effect the formation of lights or the movement.
We have never felt the need to report anything like this before, I hope we have done so through the correct channels.
It would be appreciated if anyone could comment on ideas? We are a ‘little un-nerved’ putting it mildly!


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Updated: September 24, 2014 — 9:31 pm


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  1. Hi, the Plieades star cluster (in Taurus) is called commonly the ‘Seven Sisters’. They would have been low in the Eastern sky at that time and date. Being low the stars would have been subject to various levels of atmospheric distortion (aberration). Have a look this month at a little after 10pm in the same direction and let us know what you think?

    Failing that an indication as to size and height above the horizon (use the size of a thumb or hand on an outstretched arm) would be helpful. Thanks.

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