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Elstead, Surrey-15th November 2013

Location of Sighting: Elstead, Surrey
Date of Sighting: 15th November 2013
Time: 6pm
Witness Name: Simon

Witness Statement:Walking my dogs in evening at hankley common. Big open sky and far reaching views if you walk along one of the ridges. I noticed a pulsating/throbbing green/red/white light and stopped and watched it but dismissed it as a plane maybe banking then I noticed this light was making incredible moves across the sky. I was astonished at the speed it would dart from one position and another and would also shoot up and back down periodically in the blink of an eye! I am still absolutely amazed at what saw! I watched it for about 15 mins from where I judge it was over the A3 around Liphook which was south of my position and move over towards Frensham/Farnham. At one point it started coming back towards me which would have been in an easterly direction and appeared to zig-zag as if someone was shaking a torch. The movement of this craft was mind boggling. Still stunned.


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Updated: November 18, 2013 — 10:23 pm


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  1. Out of interest, a little snippet from Fortean Times’ (why don’t more of you guys get into this publication? I’m sure you’d love it) latest copy, tells me that the National UFO Reporting Center in the USA saw a 42% rise in sightings between 2011 and 2012 (latest figures they have released. The consensus – from others, and the Center doesn’t speculate – is, and I quote, that this is down to ‘the use of remote controlled aerial drones of the type that caused UFO sightings in the UK during the 1980’s……..’

  2. “Chris, have you seen a quadcopter in action? ”

    With respect to Chris, I can only conclude he has not. That video you post is actually very ‘tame’; I’ve seen these things perform stunts that are quite breathtaking in their execution. I have no doubt they are going to lead to a massive rise in UO sightins in the next year.

  3. Hi Steve T,

    Regarding ‘Fortean Times’,’the latest copy, tells me that the National UFO Reporting Center in the USA saw a 42% rise in sightings between 2011 and 2012 (latest figures they have released. The consensus – from others, and the Center doesn’t speculate – is, and I quote, that this is down to ‘the use of remote controlled aerial drones of the type that caused UFO sightings in the UK during the 1980?s……..’.

    With respect, they are ‘speculating’, it’s not a fact which is based on any ‘evidence’, how on earth can they & ‘others’ say that of the 42% rise in reports, that 42% rise is solely attributable to the use of ‘aerial drones’, that doesn’t make sense.

    And as I’ve said before, ‘drones’ are a recent invention, UFO’s
    have been round a long time before ‘Drones/Lanterns’ arrived on the scene.

    I find the ‘Fortean Times & ‘others’ ‘quote’ rather curious, as I am unable to find any reference on the National UFO Reporting Centre’s website, any reference of the (alleged) 42% rise in sightings that are solely attributable to ‘drones’.

    Moreover, looking at National UFO reporting centre website today, on there ‘homepage’ is the following: ‘At the risk of being repetitive, we call to the attention to visitors to our website the apparent continuation of the “fireball” phenomenon. For anyone interested in the phenomenon, we encourage them to read the reports from the evenings of November 20, November 28, and November 29, 2013’.

    There is a whole raft of sightings on the website, but no mention that these are mere ‘Drones/Lanterns’!.

  4. Hi SteveT & Chris,
    I read your contributions with interest – unfortunately, recently there has been a huge increase (apparently!) in the incidence of these drones and lit LED type aerial vehicles – many of these seem to be mis-interpreted as ‘UFO’s – AND unfortunately as these increase in the future, this is only going to result in ever more ‘mis-identifications’
    As for the Fortean Times – yes, a very interesting publication –
    I am not going to decry it in any way!! -Paul

  5. If you read my comment correctly you’ll see I didn’t say the center attributed the rise to drones; rather, I made it explicitly clear, and I quote, that the ‘center doesn’t speculate’; in your desire to dismiss the suggestion as nonsense, you’ve conveniently overlooked that fact.Drones are not a ‘recent invention’ at all, but even if they were, the recent increase in the use of unmanned aircraft surely has some effect on the rise in UFO sightings, or are you so keen to hang on to the alien hypothesis that you have to dismiss this, too? Look at it this way: what happened when Chinese Lanterns became readily available? Sightings of ‘orange light in the sky’ UFO’s rocketed; what happens when the ISS becomes repeatedly visible? What happens when Venus is bright and low in the sky? You now the answer to all of these – sightings of such as UFO’s increase many-fold. In the past ten years private companies – power suppliers i particular – and law enforcement bodies, as well a journalists and broadcasters have begun using drones to investigate and follow; this isn’t a secret, it’s a well known fact. Furthermore, small, highly agile, quadcopters and other RC craft are readily available for little money, and can be decorated with all sorts to make them look more impressive. Does it not strike you as odd that sightings of silent, highly agile craft with red, green and white lights flying at very low levels have increased quite fantastically in recent months? Just as sightings of ‘black triangles’ rocketed when the USAF were testing the F-117 and B2 secretly out of well-known Scottish airbase? if not, why not, because it should? The thing is, Chris, throughout recent history UFO sightings have followed a remarkable path that runs parallel to popular culture: you’ll recall how I explained that – as you know – Arnold never said his craft were ‘saucer shaped’ yet many press reports of the time used the term ‘flying saucer’ and how, following the press coverage that sighting got, suddenly hundreds of people across the USA reported seeing ‘saucer shaped’ craft? The thing is, Chris, like the guy who has been monitoring the same light appearing in the same place all the time, it’s easy not to see the wood for the trees. My quoting from Fortean Times – which is a heavily referenced publication – was to show how statistics can lead to a misinterpretation of the facts: or are you suggesting that, in fact, 42% more aliens visited the USA in the given year? When you start applying a little common sense to your posts – which will prove to me you really do have an ‘open mind’ and not one that looks at the unlikely over the likely – I will be more inclined to listen, but when somebody suggests a massive rise in sightings is down to a corresponding increase in the use of unmanned drones on a commercial and security basis – which we know is happening – it makes more sense to me than to suggest the rise is down to more alien craft infiltratin our airspace.

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