Errol, Perthshire -18th March 2013

Location of Sighting: Looking West from Errol, Perthshire
Date of Sighting: 18/03/2013
Time: 08:52
Witness Name: Anonymous

Witness Statement: Object moving slow north to south at a height, i think, of approx. 150 – 200 ft. Distant from where I was would have been approx. half a mile? it was probably a half cup shape. Almost blended in with the white grey sky. i would best describe the colour of the object as being titanium white. it came from behind a house and before it came to the house beside that one, it gave a flash of light, almost like a camera flash, and then disappeared. No noise came from it. It was only in view for approx. 2 or 3 seconds. Weather conditions – light rain with a very light grey sky. Vision was approx. 5 miles. Gust winds of around 30mph.


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Updated: March 19, 2013 — 10:15 pm


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  1. Anonymous: Perhaps your experience may have been more of a Spiritual nature, rather than UFO ? A vision of a Cup was seen in the sky over Glastonbury in the late Victorian era. It could be a sign.

  2. ….also, the way it vanished with a “camera flash” is very reminiscent of an experience that I once had indoors, of seeing a small orb of light floating stationary in mid-air for maybe a minute before disappearing in an instant with a very bright “camera flash” effect.

  3. Interesting sighting, sounds like it was trying to blend in to its surrounding. This area of Scotland is becoming a hot spot of activity. Despite no noise are you sure it was not a Typhoon form Leuchars?

  4. Nothing spiritual at all. Check my sighting from Stirling only a quarter of an hour later. You are not that far from here as the crow ( or ufo ) flies. Do you think that the bright white appearance of the craft may somehow have been a reflection of the snow ? Perhaps this craft has the ability to camouflage itself like a chameleon , projecting the colours of its surroundings. The large flash , however , blew its cover. Well spotted. I believe you absolutely. Do you think cup-shape could possibly be triangular in a different perspective ? Best wishes, Nigel.

  5. T Wood wrote:

    “A vision of a Cup was seen in the sky over Glastonbury in the late Victorian era.”

    No it wasn’t; someone reported a vision of a cup, and by all accounts it’s as believable as the Cottingley Fairies. You really need to start thinking more rationally.

  6. T Wood, I’m repeating myself, if you are seeing bright flashes indoors or outdoors go and see a doctor please – this has nothing to do with UFO’s!

  7. Nemo: When I saw the orb of light indoors I was in a room with 2 other people, one of whom also saw the flash but didn’t see the orb as he was looking downwards, the other was sitting with his back to it and saw nothing. It may have nothing to do with UFOs, but it was definitely something of a paranormal nature.

    SteveT: A vision of a cup was seen in the sky over Glastonbury, by a very credible and eminent man of his time (Dr. John Arthur Goodchild). It is precisely because those such as yourself adhere exclusively to rationality that such things are beyond your comprehension, for such mysteries remain impenetrable to the Rationalist.

  8. Hi Nemo,

    That’s an interesting point, care to expand?.

  9. Hi Nigel,

    I think you’re totally right about the ability to camouflage

    Hi Nemo,

    You said “if you are seeing bright flashes indoors/outdoors, go see a doctor – this has nothing to do with UFO’s” yet
    apparantly Anon did see a UFO!

  10. T Wood,

    Only the ’eminent’ gentleman mentioned ‘saw’ the legendary cup; nobody else, not a soul, backed it up. What is there in that case to convince a sensible person (i.e. one not convinced by nonsense about merging dimenions) that it was anything concrete?

  11. Yes,Chris, unidentified to the observer. Could quite easily have been a Typhoon from Leuchars or indeed an F15 from Lakenheath.

  12. Chris: did anon? Please use the web to answer your question above.

  13. Please contact low flying desk RAF Leuchars, the number is on the station web site.

    This could have been a typhoon flying on the edge of the flight envelope that disturbed the surrounding moist atmosphere the flash could be a strobe seen through mist rain.

    T Wood, I meant my comment above about seeing flashes and now orbs!

  14. Hi guys it’s good to hear your comments,the object was only cup shaped as what I would suspect it would be rounded but blended in with the background sky.I also thought it had a slight tail that’s where the flash came from,it moved right to left in a slow drift,it made me feel uneasy.I also thought after that it was deliberately blending with the weather conditions to hide itself,just it was whiter than the sky.I have attended Leuchars air show for the past 20years ,the object was low in the sky and poor disability and no noise,a military plane rips the air. The one thing I do know it effects your work as you are stuck with looking at the same sky space any chance you get hoping to see it again for longer,and a picture.Hope this helps your thoughts,thanks for you interest.

  15. I can subscribe to the notion of camouflage. I am slightly embarrassed at having experienced a ufo `flap` since sept2011 and not having kept a proper record of events, but i did not expect to see repeated sightings. The objects appeared at first to `switch` on and off just like the buoy on the sea below. This soon changed to longer appearances but flashing different colours – very vivid colours – as a star appears when observed low in the sky and the light is distorted by earths atmosphere. There was another change to a yellow/white light similar to seeing one of the local helicopters travelling across the bay from Blackpool – dont think I am confused with these because I used to fly on them to the gas rigs and I know the flight paths and times. The other obvious aspect of choppers is the noise they make – I can always hear one before you can see it and we ride them with earplugs in, whereas these objects seem to be silent. Whatever they are or wherever they come from there is definately intelligent control, with technology that I believe is not of this earth. Honestly, I`ll be bereft if I stop getting sightings now.

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