Evenly Spaced Bright White Lights-Kings Stag, Dorset-29th November 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Kings Stag, Dorset
Date Of Sighting :
29th November 2019
Witness Name:
Witness Statement
I was walking my dog, looking up at the stars as I always do and noticed what I thought was two satellites. I’m a bit of a satellite geek so called my mum to look on her app to see what they were.
Whilst waiting for her call back I noticed another one following, and another, and another.. I counted 16 in total! My mum called back and said nothing was showing up on her app.
They were bright white, all spaced out evenly apart from two in the middle were along side each other.
All going in a straight line..
They disappeared behind a cloud eventually and I can’t stop wondering what they were..
Updated: November 29, 2019 — 3:00 pm


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  1. Saw50 lights in a line formation over grimsby 31 dec2019 17.30 hrs travelling at approx 500 mph anyone see this

  2. I saw a perfect line of bright lights go overhead hete in West Kirby Wirral from Wales South to notth abt 6.15pm, 29th Dec 2019 def not planes helicopters or Lanterns or drones. Abt 20 tp 30 of them evenly spaced all going same speed well above heighest point for planes. Took about 5 mins to gp over. Like a string of pearls with no thread. One or two lights travelling alongside but seemed to jump into line then to the side again .Last one was to the side. My friend 15 miles away south Wirral saw them a few mins later after i yold hom yo look in the sky.RAF said they had several calls abt them but would not give further info.

  3. SpaceX Starlink, communications satellite network.

  4. I saw a similar line of lights high in the sky at 5.20am this morning in Dorset. They we’re flying at airline height, maybe higher. Appeared to me to by military air convoy. I assume going from US to Middle East. Can’t be commercial.I did see red strobe lighting, very faint.

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