Evenly Spaced Bright White Lights-Kings Stag, Dorset-29th November 2019

Location Of Sighting :
Kings Stag, Dorset
Date Of Sighting :
29th November 2019
Witness Name:
Witness Statement
I was walking my dog, looking up at the stars as I always do and noticed what I thought was two satellites. I’m a bit of a satellite geek so called my mum to look on her app to see what they were.
Whilst waiting for her call back I noticed another one following, and another, and another.. I counted 16 in total! My mum called back and said nothing was showing up on her app.
They were bright white, all spaced out evenly apart from two in the middle were along side each other.
All going in a straight line..
They disappeared behind a cloud eventually and I can’t stop wondering what they were..
Updated: November 29, 2019 — 3:00 pm


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  1. Hi .. my mum reported seeing these this morning in county Durham.. shes given exactly the same description as you.. but she saw them at about 5.am in the eastern sky .. would love to know what they were

  2. I saw the exact same thing here in sheffield this morning 30th nov at 5.18am! Amazing to see need to know what they were.

  3. Saw them also, I counted about 30 but I didn’t catch the start of them, same story as you, went out to walk dogger had a look up at the sky as usual and there were loads of them! about ten in the sky visable at one time all following each other with a slight varying distances. Keep your eyes open, keep watching.
    All the best Matt

  4. December 1st 5.40am, near exact same thing, stepped in the rear garden, see 2 orbs of light following each other, first I fought just a satellite, then another appeared and another, until a total of 6 orbs looked like they just dropped in from the centre of the sky and headed west to east in a equally spaced single file line.
    20secs later the next lot started appearing, I counted 4 lots of 6 in total, so 24 random lights, controlled movements, no noise, then it stopped, so I just searched ”uk ufo today” and found this.

  5. You can stop wondering! These are the SpaceX satellites launched by Elon Musk some time ago.

  6. Hi , I have seen this just this morning around 545 am whilst looking out of my window i saw as many as 15-16 lights all travelling in same direction east to west and evenly spaced , think I will contact a UFO organisation .

  7. Dec the 2 nd walking dog at 540 am in Devon .
    Very cold morning and we live in the country side .
    but this didn’t look like the images I have seen of Elton mask satellites .
    These where too big bright like stars all following in a line on the same path .
    I lost count it just went on and on five six seven mins .
    My wife who doesn’t believe in anything said jokingly it’s santa .
    I reported this and was told it was Elton musks satellites. I find this hard to believe as the videos I have seen on line look so different and so far away

  8. Stephen william Field

    6 15am 3 December more than twenty star like objects moving west to east all in line very strange

  9. Hi my name is richard corns . This sounds exatly like what saw 4.12.19 05.15. Walked to the whole in the wall from my house . Stoke on trent . 6 min walk . On way back as it was a clear dark morning . I looked up and seen the exact same thing you have

  10. i watched these for over an hour here in colchester essex…thought of the elon musk satellites..however, first thing i saw was a huge star formation on the horizon moving downwards…then appearing 2 by 2 above me and then the line of lights from wesr to east but also 2 seperate lights with 4 flashes by one and 2 flashes by the other and 6 shooting stars along side them all in 30 seconds

  11. “i watched these for over an hour” and “2 flashes by the other and 6 shooting stars along side them all in 30 seconds”. You’ve got me confused here. What did you watch for an hour, and what happened in 30 seconds? You wouldn’t see the Starlink satellites (which is definitely what those above are describing) for an hour, just for a few minutes? What did you see?

  12. I was out with my 3 dogs about 6.30am, and seen what i thought was a satellite. ( i always watch the sky at night i love astronomy), i knew it wasn’t the space station as its abit brigher than satellites.i counted 23 in total!!!

  13. I saw these as well. About 5.20am in Trowbridge, Wiltshire but morning 28th Nov 2019. I looked up and saw what I thought was a satellite, then another and another…I lost count at 30 odd and they kept coming! Occasionally 2 were side by side. Evenly spaced apart and all in a straight line.

  14. leslie alfred waller

    my sighting is the same as lee gridley it was 28 /11/2019 same time exactly same occurrence.

  15. Hi. I,ve just found this forum whilst desparately trying to find if anyone else had seen what my wife and I saw tonight. On our way home from Moffat in the Scottish borders New Years Eve we stopped in the middle of nowhere on what is a gorgeous frosty evening. This was about 5.30pm. I looked up and saw what I just assumed was a satellite, I then saw there was another behind it..then at equal distance another..then another ! I called my wife out of the pick up and we couldn’t believe what we were seeing ! we must have lost count at around 30 odd, but had no idea how many had passed before that ? All going at same speed..exactly same distance apart..what the heck are they ? The speed they were travelling and distance apart was indicate they arent meteors/comets. Would love to know if anyone else finds anything more out about them. colin@screaminkiwi.com

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