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Why do you run this website?

We do not do it for profit. We do it simply because we want to provide a simple way for the general public to log their UFO sightings into one easy searchable site.

Why isn’t my UFO sighting published yet?
We generally receive over a hundred sighting reports a week. Not all reports are accepted, those that are rejected are generally due to either insufficient information or exceptionally poor grammar. We try to add approved sighting reports within 72 hours.

Will you tell me if my sighting report is accepted or rejected?
We do try but unfortunately due to our limited resources we are unable to guarantee that a confirmation email will be sent on every occasion. The best thing to do is use the search facility on the site to see if your report is listed. Please note that if your sighting is of orange light(s) then there is good chance that it may not have been added as a unique sighting report but logged as comment with in one of volumes of that months “Orange Lighting Sighting Reports”
Failing all that send an email to sightings@uk-ufo.co.uk  and ask the question.

Will you contact me with your findings/thoughts on my UFO sighting?
The main purpose of this site is to provide the public with an opportunity to share and discuss their potential UFO sightings. Currently we do not have the resources to contact individuals about their case. There is however a good chance that opinion comments maybe left against your report from UFO experts/non experts alike who are interested in your sighting.

Why isn’t my Comment published yet?
We generally receive over 50 comments a day to approve . At present to prevent spammers these are all vetted before publishing. Typically we try to add approved comments within 24 hours of receipt.

Why has my website address been removed from my comment?
Our policy where practical is not allow links to other sites unless the provided a reciprocal link to this site first. Before submitting your comment please send an email to sightings@uk-ufo.co.uk with the link on your website back to us.

Do you accept photos?
Yes, provided they are to support a sighting report you have sent to this site. We currently do not have the facility for witnesses to upload their photos directly so these must be emailed to sightings@uk-ufo.co.uk. To prevent overload on our mail server we request that the number of photos per sighting is limited to two. Unfortunately due to the amount of sighting reports and comments which have to be actioned daily we are unable to review any emails containing photos that are not linked to a sighting report.

Do you accept videos?
Yes, provided they are to support a sighting report you have sent to this site. We currently do not have the facility for witnesses to upload their videos directly so these must be emailed to sightings@uk-ufo.co.uk . To prevent overload on our mail server we request that the number of videos per sighting is limited to one. Unfortunately due to the amount of sighting reports and comments which have to be actioned daily we are unable to review any emails containing videos that are not linked to a sighting report.
Please note that when we receive your video this will be uploaded to our Youtube account. Please do not send in your video if you are not happy with this arrangement. Alternatively you can upload the video to your own Youtube account and let us know the link so we can embed it in your report.


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  1. hi there, I live in driffield, east Yorkshire, uk and I think it was last Friday 23rd may 2014, saw a black helicopter fly over the field n/e of my house and what seemed to be an orange colour flying object. just wandering if there were any more reports of a similar nature. it was about 3 in the afternoon I think.

  2. Last june I saw a white light three times the size of a star. It was too slow for a meteor and too fast for a satellite. Almost as soon as I noticed the object it changed course and headed in my direction. As it was just above it started doing almost figure of eight and haphazard monouveres very fast but changed shape to a tube like form and as I went to fetch my wife it shot off at incredible speed and stopped roughly over raf st mawgan nr newquay. As I paused by the door it started to pulsate orange light at both ends of its tubelike shape and started to dart across the sky at incredible speed stopping suddenly then darting back across the sky stopping again at unbelievable speed. I have never seen any craft move at these speeds let alone stop like this. No noise was made at all. It was a clear nightsky. I cannot shake the feeing it will show again on the same night and place. My wife saw it briefly and went back to bed. I went out again at 2 am and saw it still darting around. I could not sleep and genuinly felt it had put on a show especially for my viewing. Any thoughts or views.

  3. I was in our garden about 3:30 am putting rubbish into our dustbin and noticed an extremely bright light over the sea – I live about 200 metres from the coast. I thought it was an aircraft coming in to land at Manston Airport, but the light did not seem to change direction and got steadily brighter. Finally it”stopped” over the sea and just seemed to be there for a minute, then a red ball-shaped object came from the bottom of the light and bounced over the sea disappearing in the direction of Ramsgate. Nothing, then about 2 minutes later the ball reappeared and bounced back to the light, apparently disappearing into the light. The light then dwindled rapidly, no sense of movement, just steadily diminished and then seemed to sort of blink off.
    Last year I glanced out of our bedroom window to see a similar light in what seemed to me an identical position to the one described above. This time it seemed to shoot a cord or stream of silver material to the seabed – then it too swindled away.
    Seems to me that there is some kind of transmitter or beacon near the shore here – anyone else in the Sandwich area seen anything similar.

  4. I feel I should report what I saw on the 18th of January 2016.
    I had left my phone in the car which acts as my alarm to go off at 5am, I woke up at 4.40am relieved that I wouldn’t be late for work. I went to the loo as you do and went back to my bedroom and looked out of the window to see if it was frosty or had been snowing and I saw in the bedroom window of the house opposite which had curtains closed and in darkness an orange ball…at this point my first thought was that there was someone smoking at the window but the orange ball did not do what a cigarette would do, also it was the size of large cigar. The house opposite is about 20 yards away and I could not see anybody. After about thirty seconds it moved to below the window and it was the same orange ball that was at the window. It hovered erratically for a few seconds and then disappeared. At first I thought it was a reflexion of a street light in the window but it was an intense orange light on the brickwork as well. This was sighted on a housing estate in Walkden Manchester.

  5. Hi,

    This evening over our house in Kingswood Bristol BS154RY my husband and I saw a pulsing colour changing light in the sky. It was bright blue, green, red, orange and white, flashing in no particular pattern. It did not appear to move at all but after just over an hour of watching it we were unable to see it over the horizon. None of the other stars on the sky moved out or our sight and planes went over as normal so we rules that out. I called my parents who live in Hanham Bristol and they could also see the same pulsing light. My Mum reports seeing a second light pulsing object in the sky, further in the distance and less clear, I was unable to see this from our house. It was so brightly coloured and clearly flashing for a long time, we were mesmerised.

    We would be interested to find out what we may have seen?

    I look forward to your response.

    Kind regards

    Cara Oxley

  6. Great to see the website back up and running again!

  7. I saw what looked like twinkling star at 12.55pm. It was stationary and higher than any sort of plane. It disappeared for a few seconds then reappeared a small distance away. It was visible for 5 – 7 minutes then completely disappeared. It was towards east of Preston in blue sky.

  8. Jan 1st 1980 Harrison Drive New Brighton Merseyside, approx 3pm. Walking on the promenade with my mother and dog suddenly noticed pulsating red light hovering abt 500ft abve river Mersey mother and i turned round to go back to car where father was waiting the object then changed direction to direction mother and I walked we moved off in the car then lost sight of it. That evening 6pm news headlines UFO sightings abv New Zealand Gov sent up their Airforce planes to check out multi UFOs buzzing them.

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